4 Best Uses For Video Walls Inside Your New York Home

4 Best Uses For Video Walls Inside Your New York Home

Modernize Your Entertainment With This Cool Technology Trend

Entertainment and technology lovers are stepping up their game regarding the number of screens inside their homes. They are creating great video walls of visual content by arranging multiple screens next to one another. The neat thing about video walls is that you can display content on each screen or combine them to create one large, fantastic image.

Video walls have been used in sports bars, newsrooms, advertising billboards, and more for years. But, the notion that homeowners can now also enjoy them in the comfort of their homes is a tremendous evolution and one that many sports and gaming enthusiasts applaud.

Continue reading to learn four great ways to integrate video walls into your Westchester, NY, home. 

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Game Room

As mentioned above, a video wall should be on your must-have list if you have a sports or gaming enthusiast in your home. Transform your game room into football central on Sundays or the place to be for basketball season. With a video wall, you can tune in to multiple games simultaneously, just like you would see at your favorite sports bar. Or, combine screens to cheer on your favorite team using the full-screen during playoffs.

Your video gamers will also enjoy the appeal of a video wall when enjoying a multi-player competition. With 4K UHD video and surround sound, you can create an immersive gaming world that is easy to get lost inside.


A more practical use of the video wall may be to install one in your home office. For example, use one screen for a video conference call while you monitor the daily stock numbers on the other screen. A video wall will enhance your productivity and efficiency throughout the workday.


The kitchen may not seem like a common place for a video screen, but they can be helpful here too. Doing dishes or cooking dinner is much more entertaining when there is something to watch while you work. Display your dinner recipe on one screen while you catch up on the latest episode of your favorite drama. When not in use, you can display various artwork, including your child's latest masterpiece, to add a design element of interest to the room.

Living Room/Media Room

If you have a TV hanging above your fireplace, consider replacing it with a multi-screen video wall to provide more flexibility in content. For example, you can enjoy an evening movie on the big screen or monitor several stations' daily news simultaneously. Then, when you're done watching, turn the video wall into an artistic picture you can enjoy all evening long.


If you're interested in learning more about video walls for your Westchester, NY, home, please contact us at Electronic Concepts. Whether your video wall consists of two or six screens, we can provide recommendations and assistance with installation so you can effortlessly enjoy entertainment in this cool and modern way.