A Smart Home Automation System Enhances Your Living Spaces

A Smart Home Automation System Enhances Your Living Spaces

Bring Streamlined Convenience to Your Property

Why keep your everyday routine as-is? You can truly impact your daily living experience with the endless benefits of a smart home automation system integrated across your Basking Ridge, NJ property. Bring convenience, enhanced comfort, improved security, elevated design, and much more to your entire premises - and with just the tap of a button!

Simplify your day-to-day with smart home systems and technologies - and let Electronic Concepts take care of every aspect of your installation! Find out more about our trusted services and solutions by reading on below.

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5 Cool Things You Can Do with a Savant Control System


Program your Savant home to respond to the way you live

Home automation is one of the coolest technological advances our society has made within the past few decades. Isn’t it neat to think that with the right programming, you can control almost every electronic device in your Westchester, NY, house with a smartphone?

Living in an automated home powered by a Savant control system offers you unlimited possibilities for shaping your home to respond intuitively to the way you live. Keep reading to learn five fun things you can do with Savant home automation!


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Save Energy the Smart Way with Savant Home Automation


Learn about the different ways Savant helps your home become more energy-efficient

What are you currently doing to save energy at home? Between the lights, HVAC system, and connected appliances, your house requires significant power consumption to operate smoothly and maintain a comfortable interior environment. And while flipping off lights when you leave a room and turning the thermostat up in an empty house are good first steps, there’s a lot more you could be doing to conserve energy and lower your utility bills. 

home automation system by Savant can help. Savant contains built-in automation features that allow you to accurately control and monitor the energy usage in your Passaic, NJ, house. Keep reading to learn how!

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3 Benefits of Living in a Fully Integrated Savant Home


Savant home automation makes your lifestyle more comfortable and convenient

Smart technology has never been more popular than it is right now, and the market is brimming with DIY smart home solutions like smart thermostats, video doorbells, smart lighting, and more. However, before you rush to buy several new devices to outfit your home, take the time to consider what you want your technology to do for you.

Buying, installing, controlling, and managing multiple smart devices for your Bergen County, NJ, home can quickly become overwhelming and frustrating if each device operates in isolation. If you want to build a dedicated smart ecosystem with room to grow and expand in the future, consider investing in a home automation system to facilitate a fully integrated home.

Savant home automation integrates all your smart devices and sub-systems into a central operating system for easy access, control, and home management. Keep reading to learn three benefits of a fully integrated home.

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A Guide to Navigating Your Savant Home Automation System Like a Pro


Learn how to quickly access and customize rooms, scenes, settings, and more

With a Savant home automation system, you can access your entire Bergen County, NJ home in the palm of your hand. The Savant Pro smartphone app contains all the devices, services, scenes, and rooms in your Savant home. Below, we’ve created a short guide to navigating some of the app’s primary features so that you can gain a better understanding of what you can do to create a unique, personalized experience in your smart home. Read on to learn more!

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3 Things You Should Know About Home Automation


Begin Your Smart Home Journey Well-Informed and Prepared

You might have heard of smart home automation in the past, but maybe you weren’t quite sure if it was right for your own living space. The concept can seem a bit daunting or futuristic, but smart homes are more popular than ever before.

A smart home automation system for your Franklin Lakes, NJ property can elevate your daily life in a variety of ways, from added convenience and security to comfort and luxury. Want to learn more about this investment for your home, and how it can benefit every aspect of your lifestyle? Keep reading below to have your top questions answered as you start on your automation journey.

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