Does Your Home Theater Truly Have Immersive Audio?

Does Your Home Theater Truly Have Immersive Audio?

Upgrade from Traditional Surround Sound to Object-Based Audio 

No matter how crisp the images are on your screen, a poor surround sound experience will instantly ruin your movie. The audio transports you from your home to a new setting, whether it’s the middle of a football stadium or a battle in Middle Earth. Despite that, many homeowners are settling for outdated surround sound systems without realizing it. 

The channel-based approaches that have defined surround sound for decades are a thing of the past. In their places is a whole new way to experience your favorite movies. Over the past decade, audio formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X have transformed the way we listen to movies and even albums. 

This blog explains how these immersive audio systems work and the best ways to incorporate this technology into your Short Hills, NJ, home. 

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