Why a Projector is Still the Best Option for Your Home Theater


Choose from a Wide Range of High-End 4K Home Theater Projectors 

New advances in video display technology have made high-end flatscreens a much more common solution for home theater systems. As flatscreens increase in size, they're becoming a tempting option since they often offer greater brightness and color depth compared to a projector. However, despite this growing competition, we don't expect projector-and-screen combinations to disappear from our luxury installations in Passaic, NJ. 

Read on to find out why high-end 4K video projectors are still our go-to when it comes to dedicated home theaters.

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Build a High-Quality Home Theater System With Savant’s AV Over IP


Experience stunning audio and video quality in your home theater and throughout your entire house

Savant — already a leader in the home automation industry — is also leading the charge to bring innovative, high-performance entertainment technologies to homes in Bergen County, NJ. Savant’s audio video over internet protocol (AV over IP) systems are a streamlined and cost-effective method for homeowners to distribute high-quality audio and video to home theater systems, media rooms, and even throughout the entire house.

Interested in learning more? Keep reading to learn what AV over IP is and how it’s revolutionizing the way we experience home entertainment.  

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4 Reasons to Hire an Integrator to Install Your Home Theater System


Ensure optimal performance from your system by working with an integrator from the beginning

Building a dedicated cinema in your Westchester, NY, house is a significant investment into your home entertainment. A theater room decked out with the latest technologies and unlimited access to content will be the central hub where you, your friends and family gather to watch movies, binge-watch TV, cheer for your favorite sports teams, and play video games.

We recommend not taking any chances with an investment this big. Instead, consider hiring a home theater company like Electronic Concepts with decades’ worth of experience designing and installing home theater systems. Keep reading to learn the value an integrator brings to the theater installation process.

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3 Reasons Now Is the Time to Invest in a Home Theater System


It’s easier than ever to enjoy quality entertainment from the comfort of home

In times past, the only way to enjoy a truly magical movie-watching experience was to head out to the local theater with a date, the family, or a group of friends. However, home entertainment and home theater systems have had a slow but steady rise in design, technology, comfort, and user experience advancements. Today’s private home theaters rival — and often surpass — the commercial theater experience. And the allure of remaining in pajamas, inviting over a huge group of friends, and skipping the expensive movie snacks is convincing more Passaic, NJ homeowners that a home theater installation is worth the investment.

If you’re considering building or upgrading your home entertainment setup, learn why there’s never been a better time than now to commit to a home theater.

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Think Outside the Box: Creative Ideas for Installing a Home Theater System


Creative design and advanced technologies can help you create a theater experience anywhere

When you close your eyes and picture a private home cinema, what do you see? The most common picture that comes to mind is a large, isolated room with a roll-down projector screen, plush theater seating, surround sound, and soft mood lights. And while that’s the dream for some homeowners in Morris County, NJ, that design isn’t to everyone’s tastes.

Some people don’t have space for a dedicated theater room, while others prefer a more flexible design that can accommodate multiple entertainment activities. With creative design techniques and a little help from sophisticated AV, lighting, and shading technologies, you can build a unique home theater system that meets your specific lifestyle needs. Keep reading for three inspirational theater ideas!

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What Entertainment Can You Enjoy in Your Home Theater?


It’s time to expand your entertainment horizons beyond movies

All too often, home theater marketing focuses on how large-screen projectors, surround sound, controllable lighting, and plush theater seating recreates a movie-watching experience comparable to that of going to the movies. And that’s all true, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Today, more and more homeowners are experimenting with flexible design, new technologies, and advanced home theater systems that can support a range of content sources — not just movies. Keep reading to learn about other types of entertainment you can enjoy in your Bergen County, NJ home cinema.

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Why Automation Is a Must-Have for Your Home Theater System


Savant home automation lets you control the entire theater experience from a single interface

What’s most important to you in a dedicated home theater? While everyone may have a different response to this question, we bet that high-quality audio/video, easy access and management, and comfort top the list for many homeowners. We have some resources to help you design amazing sound and choose the best display for your Westchester, NY cinema.

If easy management and comfort are important to you, home automation is a must-have in your home theater system. Integrating all the components in your theater into a centralized operating system like Savant allows you to create and save customized settings and control the entire room from your seat. Keep reading to learn three reasons why you need theater room automation.


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