4 Fun Things You Can Do Around the House With Lighting Automation


Use Savant lighting control to make your home life more comfortable and convenient

It’s well-established how convenient smart lighting is in modern-day homes. Smart bulbs, switches, plugs, and dimmers make it easy for homeowners to control their home lighting using only a smartphone or voice assistant. 

But your home lighting is capable of much more when integrated with a powerful home automation system like Savant. Whole-house lighting automation enables unlimited opportunities to program and control individual lighting fixtures, groups of fixtures, and multi-room lighting scenes to match your unique needs at home. Are you ready to explore the possibilities in your Bergen County, NJ home? Then keep reading to open your mind to four amazing things you can do around the house with lighting control. 

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The Top 3 Perks of a Home Lighting Automation System


Intuitive lighting automation enhances your comfort at home

Lighting is one of the most-used utilities in your Westchester, NY, home. But have you ever given your lighting much thought beyond mindlessly flipping switches on and off all day?

With convenient and intuitive lighting automation, your home lighting can become so much more than a common utility. Adjust any or all lights with ease with the tap of a button, schedule lights to turn on and off at specific times, and build custom lighting scenes to add comfort and ambiance to any room in the house. Keep reading to explore the top three benefits of a lighting automation system for your home.  

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