What Are the Best Projectors for Your Home Theater Screens?


Samsung and Sony Offer Top-of-the-Line Models for Any Application 

Projector-and-screen installations are still the standard in custom home theaters. Pairing a high-end projector with a dedicated theater screen is the best way to get dynamic, larger-than-life images in the comfort of home. More manufacturers release 4K video projectors each year to meet this growing demand for at-home entertainment. 

While this proliferation of products is great news for the consumer, it also creates the infamous paradox of choice. In theory, more options are better, but they also make it harder to know which is the right one for your home. That’s where the experts step in to help! 

As one of the top AV companies in Morris County, NJ, Electronic Concepts can advise you on some of the best projectors on the market. Below we highlight two of our favorites, but we recommend visiting our showroom to test out some of the premium choices firsthand. 

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