Experience Earth-Shattering Bass Without The Clutter


Explore JL Audio’s In-Wall Subwoofer Models

Often when we talk to clients, they worry about choosing between quality and style when it comes to their home audio–whether it be surround sound or two-channel. Subwoofers get a particularly bad reputation since they lack the style of some of their high-end loudspeaker counterparts and can look like big black boxes in the corner of a room.

The good news is there are a lot of high-performance subwoofers that can be hidden within walls while still packing a strong punch. In particular, we often recommend JL Audio in-wall subwoofers for our clients throughout Bergen County, NJ. 

JL Audio crafted a Fathom line of in-wall subwoofers through thin-line drivers and purposeful engineering that delivers unrivaled low-frequency extension and dynamics. Manufactured with two in-wall cabinets, a rack-mountable amplifier and an outboard, these IWS System subwoofers don’t lose any of their in-room counterparts’ power and signal processing.

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How to Avoid Common In-Wall Subwoofer Problems


A High-End Brand and Professional Installation Make All the Difference 

Over the years, in-wall subwoofers have gotten a reputation for being a subpar solution. Not only is it hard to find an appropriate placement for them, but often they don’t quite pack the punch of their in-room counterparts. Though we’ve seen our share of problems in past installations, they usually stem from using the wrong products or installing them incorrectly. 

In-wall subwoofers work well in your home theater or media room when you use high-end brands in conjunction with experienced installers. In this blog, we highlight some of the ways we successfully integrate in-wall subwoofers into our projects throughout Morris County, NJ. 

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