Does Your Home Theater Truly Have Immersive Audio?

Does Your Home Theater Truly Have Immersive Audio?

Upgrade from Traditional Surround Sound to Object-Based Audio 

No matter how crisp the images are on your screen, a poor surround sound experience will instantly ruin your movie. The audio transports you from your home to a new setting, whether it’s the middle of a football stadium or a battle in Middle Earth. Despite that, many homeowners are settling for outdated surround sound systems without realizing it. 

The channel-based approaches that have defined surround sound for decades are a thing of the past. In their places is a whole new way to experience your favorite movies. Over the past decade, audio formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X have transformed the way we listen to movies and even albums. 

This blog explains how these immersive audio systems work and the best ways to incorporate this technology into your Short Hills, NJ, home. 

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3 Keys to Designing a Top-Notch Home Theater

3 Keys to Designing a Top-Notch Home Theater

Take the magic of cinema to the next level of luxury and innovation!

One of the greatest things about home technology is that it can be used to make your living more comfortable and fun. A good example of this is home theaters, which can bring you all the excitement and immersive experience of a film without having to deal with the sticky floors, loud neighbors, and uncomfortable seatings of traditional theaters. 

Want to make your family’s entertainment experience more enjoyable? Check out these three top elements of a world-class home theater design and create the perfect space to spend unforgettable moments with your loved ones in your Franklin Lakes, NJ home.

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The Art of Sound in a Home Theater Installation


Explore the Immersive Soundstage So Important to the Home Theater Experience 

Type “home theaters” into Pinterest, and you’ll see hundreds of different pictures displaying someone’s ideal home theater. The first thing you’ll notice is that no two look alike. Some offer luxury, reclining tiered movie seats and star-lit ceilings. Others look like elegant living rooms with screens and projectors that descend from the ceiling. And then, there are multi-use media rooms that offer gaming chairs, couches, a pool table, and a bar. Do you want an outdoor home theater nestled next to the pool? You’ll see those too. 

The other eye-catching element you’ll notice about these home theater installation designs is the display. The images fill the room, popping off the screen in crystal-clear detail and brilliant colors. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to create the space in your Short Hills, NJ, home that defines the ultimate in entertainment. Let’s explore one of the most important features—something you can’t see in the many home theaters, but you certainly can hear!

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The Best Amplifiers You Can Get for Luxurious Home Audio


Create a whole new experience with Lyngdorf amplifiers that will make you feel just like you’re at a movie or concert 

Have you ever noticed how important the soundtrack is when you are watching a movie? It sets the film's tone; it makes your emotions arise, and it is simply one of the reasons movies are a magical experience. To bring that magic into your home, you need a good audio system that allows you to immerse in the experience fully. 

Lyngdorf amplifiers have the outstanding technology you need to achieve not only superb surround sound but also to power your 2-channel stereo system. Keep reading to learn more about the different options and which one will fit best at your Bergen County, NJ home. 

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Installing a Home Theater? Get Top-Notch Sound with Lyngdorf Processors


Enhance your home theater experience with high-definition surround sound

Recreating the magic of cinema at home can be a tricky task with so many details to consider. With the right team to help you through the process, we believe it is completely possible to enjoy the excitement a movie theater brings without giving up the comfort only your home can offer. 

A big part of the theater experience is that powerful, all-encompassing sound. And while its easy for many people to understand how important surround sound is to the home theater experience, its hard to know exactly how to optimize it. 

The focus shouldn’t be solely on your high-end speakers. What you need is a powerful engine behind it all. That’s why we recommend Lyngdorf processors for our home theater installations. Keep reading to learn what these devices can offer and which one fits best for your Westchester, NY home.

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Home Theater Projector Buying Guide: Lamp, Laser, or LED?


Which type of projector delivers the best image quality and the most bang for your buck?

Whether you’re watching a new film release on HBO Max, binge-watching a favorite TV show on Hulu, or following your football team on cable TV, enjoying media on the big screen makes a lasting impression. A projector (paired with a 100” plus projection screen) is a great choice for a home theater display because it delivers more screen size than a flatscreen TV.

If you’re choosing a projector as part of your home theater design in Westchester, NY, you’ll need to know the differences between projector technologies to select the best fit for your home. All projectors are powered by a light source, but not all light sources are created equal. Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of the three standard projector types for home theaters: lamp, laser, and LED. 

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4 Reasons to Hire an Integrator to Install Your Home Theater System


Ensure optimal performance from your system by working with an integrator from the beginning

Building a dedicated cinema in your Westchester, NY, house is a significant investment into your home entertainment. A theater room decked out with the latest technologies and unlimited access to content will be the central hub where you, your friends and family gather to watch movies, binge-watch TV, cheer for your favorite sports teams, and play video games.

We recommend not taking any chances with an investment this big. Instead, consider hiring a home theater company like Electronic Concepts with decades’ worth of experience designing and installing home theater systems. Keep reading to learn the value an integrator brings to the theater installation process.

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3 Reasons Now Is the Time to Invest in a Home Theater System


It’s easier than ever to enjoy quality entertainment from the comfort of home

In times past, the only way to enjoy a truly magical movie-watching experience was to head out to the local theater with a date, the family, or a group of friends. However, home entertainment and home theater systems have had a slow but steady rise in design, technology, comfort, and user experience advancements. Today’s private home theaters rival — and often surpass — the commercial theater experience. And the allure of remaining in pajamas, inviting over a huge group of friends, and skipping the expensive movie snacks is convincing more Passaic, NJ homeowners that a home theater installation is worth the investment.

If you’re considering building or upgrading your home entertainment setup, learn why there’s never been a better time than now to commit to a home theater.

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Why Automation Is a Must-Have for Your Home Theater System


Savant home automation lets you control the entire theater experience from a single interface

What’s most important to you in a dedicated home theater? While everyone may have a different response to this question, we bet that high-quality audio/video, easy access and management, and comfort top the list for many homeowners. We have some resources to help you design amazing sound and choose the best display for your Westchester, NY cinema.

If easy management and comfort are important to you, home automation is a must-have in your home theater system. Integrating all the components in your theater into a centralized operating system like Savant allows you to create and save customized settings and control the entire room from your seat. Keep reading to learn three reasons why you need theater room automation.


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Bring Your Style and AV Together in Your Home Theater Design


Create the Perfect Space for Movie Nights and Casual Hangouts

A home theater should be the go-to place in your home for any type of media viewing or gathering with friends. But does a completely immersive entertainment setup have to hinder your personal stylistic choices? A top-notch home theater design will keep both your décor and AV functionality intact.

Create a multi-purpose viewing space in your Basking Ridge, NJ home with hidden solutions that merge perfectly with their surrounding décor. Want to learn more about these features? Just keep reading below.


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