Bring a Professional Landscape Lighting Installation to Your Property


Elevate Your Outdoor Spaces with Brightness, Comfort, & Safety

As the summer nights bring more time spent with loved ones well into the evenings and long after the sun has set, you still want your outdoor spaces to serve as the safe and cozy spaces for everyone they did during the day. Create the go-to spot right in your own Westchester, NY backyard and across your entire property with a professional landscape lighting installation from our team at Electronic Concepts.

Make the most of your outdoor spaces with brightened and secured areas that you can easily traverse - and now, enjoy their decor and design both day and night. Want to learn more about this high-end setup for your property? Keep reading on below.

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Upgrade Your Soundscape with High-End Home Audio


Immerse Yourself in Sound that Impresses Every Time Your Press Play!

Music is how we connect to so many aspects of the world and life - and taking the time to listen to our preferred tunes and playlists within our own homes is often an essential part of the day! But if you’re stuck listening from your phone or via headphones that are giving out, you might grow disappointed that your home’s audio performance isn’t where you want it to be.

However, with the right equipment and setup, you can experience your home media the way it was intended to be heard and felt. A high-end home audio installation and setup from our team at Electronic Concepts can ensure you have an immersive auditory experience every time you press play - right in your own Short Hills, NJ home. Want to find out more? Keep reading on below.

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Check Out Our Hi-Fi Audio Store to Elevate Your Home Soundscape


We’ve Got Your High-End Audio Needs Covered!

Have you been searching for the Hi-Fi audio store near you to offer the right AV solutions and services for your Morris County, NJ home’s soundscape? Look no further: Electronic Concepts delivers high-end audio systems and products that will integrate seamlessly with your home audio setup and elevate it to a new level entirely.

Our expertise and insights on everything regarding the home audio industry will guide your whole installation process, ensuring that you receive the audio solutions and setup you had envisioned all along. So come check out our store and read on below to learn more about our top-notch services!

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What a Coastal Source Outdoor Entertainment System Can Do for You


Enhance The Fun In Your Outdoor Space With Premium Lighting And Audio Solutions

Creating a beautiful yet functional outdoor space requires a lot of thought, effort, and even a touch of creativity. Even though you may have a pristine pool, an expansive patio with comfortable outdoor seating and a fireplace, or a well-equipped outdoor kitchen, is it enough to make your outside area as enjoyable as it can be?

Here’s where Coastal Source comes in. The company is an industry-leading brand that offers the best outdoor entertainment solutions - both speakers and lighting. Read on to discover how a Coastal Source outdoor entertainment system transforms your outdoor spaces in Westchester, NY, making them the perfect place to relax and entertain.

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Liven Things Up In Your Backyard with an Outdoor Audio System


Outdoor speakers can make your outside area more fun for friends and family

There are many luxury additions you can make to your home. But nothing beats the entertainment and fun brought by an audio system. Instead of limiting the use of your sound system to indoors, you can take the fun outside. 

Add outdoor speakers in your backyard, and you can enjoy relaxing in your outdoor living spaces for hours at a time. There are countless other benefits of owning an outdoor audio system. Read on to discover how adding an audio system in the backyard of your Morris County, NJ, home can be advantageous for you. 

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