Experience the Ultimate Surround Sound System


B&W Takes the 360-Degree Soundstage to the Next Level

British-based Bowers & Wilkins developed an early reputation as designers, engineers, and builders of some of the best hi-fi speakers in the world. Today, that reputation still stands as audiophiles save up to purchase their top high-performance speakers that some define as legendary.

Their 800 Diamond Series delivers the pinnacle of hi-fi performance. These are the speakers you’ll find in recording studios around the world. So, you may wonder, why are we highlighting their 600 Series? One reason is their price point. The 600 Series offers incredible value.

The second reason is that as B&W continues in their engineering milestones and innovative “firsts,” they hand down their trademark secrets to the more affordable products. The 600 series incorporates many technologies from their premier series, including the Continuum cone mid/bass driver for perfect midrange sounds and the low distortion Decoupled Double Dome tweeter. These high-performance technologies are found in affordable cabinets.

In essence, while the 600 series is considered B&W’s entry-level system, it performs better than many other brands' top-of-the-line systems.

Even better? This system happens to make the perfect B&W surround sound system for your Bergen County, NJ home.

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Deliver High-Fidelity Audio Throughout Your Home with a B&W Speaker System


The B&W 700 Series Makes High-Tech Audio Affordable 

Have you been coveting a B&W speaker system in your Bergen County-area home for some time? Audiophiles worldwide considerer Bowers & Wilkens one of the best brands on the market, and legendary studios with a long list of famous recordings agree.  

Skywalker Sound is Lucasfilm's music recording, sound effects, and mixing division. Abbey Road Studios is a world-famous recording studio that has mastered or re-mastered music from The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Aretha Franklin. They’ve also scored music for films such as the Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Harry Potter series, and The Shape of Water. So, what do these two studios have in common? They both use B&W 800 Series speakers.

 For those seeking the best-of-the-best in high-fidelity audio, B&W’s 800 series speakers deliver unrivaled sound. Of course, they come with a significant price tag. There’s a reason they call it the Diamond series. In addition to being a cut-above other brands, they also utilize diamonds, yes, actual diamonds, in the design of their Decoupled Double Dome tweeter. Their engineers did not hold back when creating their top-end, unsurpassed speakers.

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2021 in Review: Looking Back at Our Accomplishments This Year


Electronic Concepts is honored to have spent another amazing year as your trusted hi-fi audio store!

It’s hard to believe that 2021 is almost behind us. Here at Electronic Concepts, we’ve spent the past year doing more of what we love: demoing the best hi-fi brands in our showroom and designing and installing whole home audio and two-channel systems in clients’ homes. We’ve also helped customers discover the smart technologies that make their lives more comfortable and convenient.

We’re honored to have spent another year as your trusted hi-fi audio store in Bergen County, NJ. Take a look below to see some of our major accomplishments from 2021!

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Meridian Audio Review: The Reference Series Loudspeakers


The Reference Series represents the pinnacle of Meridian’s loudspeaker design and development

There’s a reason why Meridian is widely regarded as a pioneer in British audio products. The company consistently pours time, money, and resources into new research and sound engineering techniques to produce high-performance speakers that outshine the competition. Meridian’s innovative spirit led to their invention of MQA and masterful use of digital signal processing (DSP) technology in high-end active loudspeakers.

The Reference Series of Meridian speakers is the pinnacle of the company’s loudspeaker design and development. If you’re interested in bringing Meridian into your Westchester, NY, home, keep reading to learn what the Reference Series loudspeakers bring to the table.

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Magico Audio Spotlight: A Look at the M-Series Loudspeakers


The M-Series introduced all-new methodologies and materials into Magico’s award-winning loudspeakers

The M-Series loudspeakers were born out of the M Project, an important footnote in Magico’s history. In 2014, Magico designed and launched a limited-edition loudspeaker that would redefine the way the company engineered loudspeakers from there on out. The groundbreaking M Project is a three-way, five-driver floorstanding speaker featuring a new tweeter design, new 10” bass drivers, and a newly designed curved shape to minimize resonances.

The M Project was a huge success. When it launched, Magico speakers were already well-known for their incredibly accurate, low-distortion playback. But the M Project delivered above and beyond accuracy — the sound was richer, fuller, more lifelike, and overwhelmingly authentic.

Eventually, components from the M Project were used to build Magico’s acclaimed M-Series loudspeakers. Keep reading to learn more about what the Magico M3 and M6 speakers would look and sound like in your Westchester, NY, home.

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