Sonus Faber Olympica III: Art and High-End Audio Become One

Sonus Faber Olympica III: Art and High-End Audio Become One

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The goal of great high-end speakers is to be an artistic tool for audiophiles, allowing them to achieve an authentic sound attuned to their preferences. One of our go-to high-end audio partners, Sonus Faber, takes this so seriously that their speakers often take the shape (and names) of vintage violins. 

Their Olympica III speaker is striking in its audio quality and looks, with curves reminiscent of a distinctly Italian style and elegant finishes fitting a luxury home. But don't take our word for it; audiophiles in Westchester, NY, can test-drive this beauty at our state-of-the-art showroom. 

Discover how this 3-way floor standing speaker goes toe-to-toe with some of the biggest hi-fi heavy hitters. 

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Optimal Design Inside and Out 

There's a reason Sonus Faber is known as a master of design. Housed in a cabinet mimicking the human ear's asymmetric design, the Olympica III features the company's Sealth UltraFlex technology. The Stealth UltraFlex allows for a more aesthetically pleasing side reflex port without sacrificing quality. 

The speaker uses a 29 mm DAD Tweeter and magnetic motor system to address resonance concerns from traditional dome tweeters. Each speaker also has two 8.6-inch subwoofers and a 6-inch midrange driver. Instead of a traditional grill, the Olympica adds an artistic flourish with elasticized strings connected to metal bars attached to the front baffle to evoke those classic violins further. 

At 43.8 inches tall, 15.8 inches wide, and 20 inches deep, this 79.3-pound model is the largest in the series but will surely be the stylistic showcase rather than a detriment in any room. The cabinet is composed of eight layers of wood within an aluminum exoskeleton. On top, the speakers showcase a solid walnut finish with natural leather. 

High-Fidelity Audio Performance 

Relying on its precise design and innovative technology like Sonus Faber's aluminum magnesium alloy, the speaker is known for excellent tonality, accuracy, and speed. In its review of the Olympica III, Absolute Sound's Andrew Quint states "these speakers are fast—nearly electrostatic-fast. The notes fly by with astounding velocity, yet there's no blurring, smearing, or overhang—each is distinct from the one behind and the one that follows." 

The speakers boast a frequency response from 35HZ to 30KHZ and a sensitivity of 90dB, which means they seamlessly handle high power levels. The speaker's sensitivity also means little coloration or distortion. Olympicas should be paired with high-quality components as the speakers will relay issues in the original recording. Likewise, we recommend amplifiers with a maximum power of 300 watts. 

Enjoy a broad soundstage with deep bass, detailed midrange, and extended treble. During our demos, it's often the vocals in the music that impress clients the most, with a distinct and authentic rendering that puts forward a singer's unique character. 


Do you want to enjoy the magic of Sonus Faber's Olympica III speakers firsthand? Have a listen with a personal demo at our state-of-the-art showroom. You can schedule a demo with our audio experts by calling or filling out our contact form.

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