3 Types of Sound Systems You Can Buy in Our Hi-Fi Audio Store


Find the best audio equipment for an amazing listening experience at home

If you’re in the market for new home audio equipment, we believe it’s better to listen to a few systems for yourself before making a big purchase. So, if you’re located in Westchester, NY, or the surrounding areas, we invite you to visit the Electronic Concepts showroom to experience your audio options firsthand and talk with our experienced techs about what you’re looking for at home.

Whether you want to immerse yourself in a private listening experience, play music throughout the house, or enjoy movies and TV with dynamic sound, we have the components you need! Keep reading to learn more about the system setups we sell in our hi-fi audio store.

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It’s Time to Stop Believing These 3 Hi-Fi Speaker Misconceptions


Let’s unpack some common myths people hear about high-fidelity speakers

High-fidelity speakers are the centerpiece of any hi-fi audio system. There’s a reason music fans and audiophiles skip off-the-shelf speakers in big box stores and turn instead to audio industry leaders like Bowers & Wilkins, Meridian, Anthem, and McIntosh to build out a stellar sound system at home. Hi-fi brands like the ones listed above design their speakers with high-quality materials and sound engineering techniques crafted to draw out the best listening experience from your music.

While there’s a lot of hype about hi-fi speakers, there are also many misconceptions floating around. If you’re considering an investment in hi-fi audio for your Westchester, NY home, make sure you’re not making decisions based on the following myths. Keep reading to learn the facts.

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Does Lossless Audio Make a Difference in a Hi-Fi Sound System?


Learn how music source plays a role in the overall quality of your hi-fi system

If you have a hi-fi audio system in your Westchester, NY home, then you’re invested in achieving the highest-quality listening experience. Your hi-fi system allows you to listen to streaming music, CDs, MP3s, vinyl records, and other music sources as the most faithful recreation of the artist’s intent in the recording studio.

As you’ve delved deeper into the world of high-fidelity music, you’ve probably stumbled across the concept of “lossless audio.” But what is lossless audio, and does it truly impact the listening experience with a hi-fi sound system? We break it down below.


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