Hi-Fi Product Spotlight: Magico Loudspeakers for the Discerning Audiophile


Magico designs and builds advanced loudspeakers that reveal the true character of music

In 1994, Magico founder Alon Wolf made it his mission to build the perfect speaker system. For the past 30 years, Wolf and the team at Magico have designed and released a range of high-end, award-winning loudspeakers that reveal the true character of music. All the Magico audio products are designed against the standard of perfect audio reproduction: live music.

Magico is one of the few loudspeaker companies that develops its own drivers and enclosure systems to build advanced speakers that deliver clear, detailed, high-fidelity sound. So if it’s time for a speaker upgrade in your Bergen County, NJ home, consider Magico for the job. Keep reading to learn more.

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What’s the Difference Between Standard and High-End Audio?


Experience the Unrivaled Quality of Hi-Fi Sound

It’s easy to drive to the nearest big-box store in Westchester, NY or northern New Jersey and pick out some home audio speakers that look the part. But how disappointing would it be to drive home, install your purchase, and find that the quality just wasn’t what you hoped for?

Standard speaker brands can easily put on a façade by covering up subpar quality with empty bells and whistles. Don’t be fooled by appearance and false messaging. Read below to learn the difference between standard and high-end audio so you can properly build the hi-fi sound system of your dreams.


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