Savant Home Automation Brings Comfort to Your Space

Savant Home Automation Brings Comfort to Your Space

Enjoy Heating and Cooling Convenience with the Savant MultiStat

There are many ways that Savant home automation makes your life more convenient. For example, you can program lighting sequences, install motorized shades, manage audio and video throughout your residence, and monitor the security of your home while you’re away. 

In addition to those great features, Savant offers an intelligent comfort control called Savant Multistat. While indoor comfort technology has been in the smart home ecosystem for a while, nothing compares to the Savant Multistat. This automated thermostat is more than meets the eye.

Keep reading for more information on this unique smart device, part of Savant home automation that can bring a whole new level of intelligent comfort to your Short Hills, NJ home.

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