Create Your Ideal Living Spaces with Whole-Home Automation


How Can Innovative Solutions Elevate Every Room?

Did you know whole-home automation can optimize the purpose of every room throughout your Westchester, NY, property? Not only can these innovative solutions provide convenience and improved comfort, but they also enhance the overall atmosphere of your living spaces. The end result is a centralized and cohesive smart home setup that serves you and your family with every component working together effortlessly.

So, how can you make the most of your smart home automation? Keep reading to learn how it can benefit every room across your home and elevate your daily lifestyle.

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Want to Elevate Your Aesthetics? Integrate a Mirror TV!

Want to Elevate Your Aesthetics? Integrate a Mirror TV!

Don’t let technology get in the way of your beautiful home décor

There’s nothing better than enjoying a lazy afternoon with entertainment and snacks. Whether you are watching a sports event with your friendsor a marathon of Disney movies with your kids, a premium TV with excellent video can elevate your entertainment experience. However, once the fun is over, wouldn't it be nice to hide the technology and simply enjoy the beauty of your spaces? At Electronic Concepts, we can make that happen! 

With a mirror TV, you can disguise your television screen as an elegant mirror (or artwork) and let your device completely blend into your décor. Keep reading to learn more about how this technology can provide the entertainment you enjoy while taking care of the aesthetics in your Boston, MA, home!

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A Smart Home Automation System Enhances Your Living Spaces

A Smart Home Automation System Enhances Your Living Spaces

Bring Streamlined Convenience to Your Property

Why keep your everyday routine as-is? You can truly impact your daily living experience with the endless benefits of a smart home automation system integrated across your Basking Ridge, NJ property. Bring convenience, enhanced comfort, improved security, elevated design, and much more to your entire premises - and with just the tap of a button!

Simplify your day-to-day with smart home systems and technologies - and let Electronic Concepts take care of every aspect of your installation! Find out more about our trusted services and solutions by reading on below.

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How To Ensure Your Smart Home Project Is A Success


Work with a Smart Home Installer to Bring Seamless Living into Your Home

Introducing high-end smart home automation solutions to your home in Westchester, NY, doesn’t have to feel like an overwhelming undertaking. When you rely on a team of experts with your dream smart home setup in mind, you can rest assured that the final result will far surpass your expectations. This guarantee is why working with a professional smart home installer like Electronic Concepts is essential for your upcoming projects.

A trusted and dependable integrator will deliver smart home systems and solutions that run smoothly throughout your entire day! Keep reading below to learn more about these innovative technologies and how Electronic Concepts can integrate them effortlessly into your home today.

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6 Scenes Your Savant Smart Home Should Have


What can your Westchester home do for you to make your days easier?

The purpose of home automation is to make your home technology more accessible, more manageable, and more convenient to use. Automation redefines the way you interact with your home, and no feature illustrates that better than the ability to build custom, automated scenes with your smart devices.

Scenes simplify your daily tasks and home management routines. Keep reading to learn more about creating scenes with Savant home automation in your Westchester, NY home.

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Explore All the Ways to Control Your Savant Home Automation System


Savant makes home management as easy as pressing a button or issuing a voice command

A good home automation system is designed with its end-users (you and your family) in mind. The purpose of home automation is to simplify the process of accessing, managing, and using your home technology — not replace your existing control devices (like remotes and apps) with an equally complicated device.

Savant designs all its interfaces with you in mind. You can use one or multiple devices to easily find, organize and use everything in your connected home. And with so many options available, everyone in the family can control your Savant home from the device they feel most comfortable using. Keep reading to learn all the ways you can control a Savant home in Westchester, NY.


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What to Look for in a Smart Home Installer


Get the job done right by understanding home automation companies.

With so many home automation companies, it's nearly impossible to tell which one is right for your Bergen County, NJ project, unless you know what to look for. Many promise the same thing: simple control of technology systems. However, when you consider installation, you might understand the importance of partnering with an efficient, trusted professional. In this blog, we’ll showcase some key things you should look for in your next technology partner before calling. Keep reading for more.

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Work With a Trusted Savant Dealer for Your Next Home Automation Installation


We’re Your Premier Automation Company in the Bergen County, NJ Area & Beyond

Every smart home automation installation deserves the optimum care and service that only a trusted automation company can provide. At Electronic Concepts, our team of experts aims to bring you the best smart home features and solutions with zero hassle involved. Not only do we work to complete a fully integrated smart home, but also bring the best products and brands to the table.

As the premier Savant dealer in the Bergen County, NJ area and beyond, Electronic Concepts is committed to delivering the smart home of your dreams and simplifying every part of the installation process. 

Want to find out more about our services? Keep reading on below. 

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How Voice Command Helps You Control Your Smart Home


Just Say the Word to Manage Any Feature in Your Living Space

A fully integrated smart home is one that can run and function automatically with zero hassle on your end. You should be able to trust that your smart systems will meet your needs every time you use them. So how can you easily guarantee that your technologies will react and respond to your requests the moment you have them?

That’s where voice control steps in. There are several ways to control your systems – whether it’s through smart remotes, keypads, tablets, or even your own smartphone – but imagine simply being able to use your voice.

Read on below to see how voice command can transform the way you see and experience your Bergen County, NJ smart home.


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Create a Lighting Control System That’s Energy-Efficient


Go Green with Top-Notch Lighting Solutions

Lighting control systems make life easier. This solution can simplify your everyday lifestyle in your Westchester, NY home in a variety of ways – from added convenience and luxury to elevated comfort. But are you still concerned about how much energy you’re really using and potentially wasting on a day-to-day basis in your own living space? 

With a quality lighting system, you don’t need to stress. In this blog, we’ll dive into how your home’s lighting features can reduce your carbon footprint and lower your monthly bills. Want to find out how? Just keep reading on below.

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How Can You Integrate Voice Command into Your Daily Life?


Take Your Smart Home to the Next Level

With new innovations coming to the smart home industry every year, voice control has become more prevalent in everyday home systems and setups. Homeowners find it increasingly easier to bring this solution to their daily routine with zero hassle.

But voice command and control might still sound a bit daunting to you – how can you seamlessly integrate a solution that feels so futuristic and intangible into your Westchester, NY smart home system?

In this blog, we’ll show you just what this technology can do for your day-to-day routine and how easy it is to incorporate into your lifestyle. Learn how voice control incorporates into the rest of your smart home by reading on below!


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Comfortable Living with a Smart Home Installation


Elevate Your Lifestyle with These Technologies

You might view smart technology as solely a luxurious addition to your home. But smart home automation can bring so many benefits to your Franklin Lakes, NJ property and daily lifestyle. From added convenience and comfort to enhanced security, a professional smart home installation can make your everyday routine a breeze and give you peace of mind.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the essential features your installation should entail and why they’re beneficial for your living space. Want to find out more? Keep reading below.


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3 Things You Should Know About Home Automation


Begin Your Smart Home Journey Well-Informed and Prepared

You might have heard of smart home automation in the past, but maybe you weren’t quite sure if it was right for your own living space. The concept can seem a bit daunting or futuristic, but smart homes are more popular than ever before.

A smart home automation system for your Franklin Lakes, NJ property can elevate your daily life in a variety of ways, from added convenience and security to comfort and luxury. Want to learn more about this investment for your home, and how it can benefit every aspect of your lifestyle? Keep reading below to have your top questions answered as you start on your automation journey.

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