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We’re Your Premier Automation Company in the Bergen County, NJ Area & Beyond

Every smart home automation installation deserves the optimum care and service that only a trusted automation company can provide. At Electronic Concepts, our team of experts aims to bring you the best smart home features and solutions with zero hassle involved. Not only do we work to complete a fully integrated smart home, but also bring the best products and brands to the table.

As the premier Savant dealer in the Bergen County, NJ area and beyond, Electronic Concepts is committed to delivering the smart home of your dreams and simplifying every part of the installation process. 

Want to find out more about our services? Keep reading on below. 

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Constant Communication with Everyone Involved 

For every smart home installation, we want to make sure every thought and addition from you, the client, is heard. While we handle the technical side of things and take care of the intricacies of the installation, you should never feel as though you can’t make changes or voice concerns throughout the process.

With our knowledge of the industry and expertise from prior installations, we know what a professional installation done right entails. Our team is there to answer all your questions and ensure that the end result for your project matches the vision you had for it all along. 

This level of constant communication extends past you as well. For anyone on the project, whether it be architects, builders, or interior designers, we make it a necessity to keep everyone in the loop so that your installation is seamlessly cohesive with every component included.

Trusted Savant Solutions

A Savant system is unmatched in its level of style, precision, and high-end quality. As a Platinum Savant dealer, we have over two years of Savant experience; we’ve completed the advanced level training courses and know every solution inside and out. With this experience, we can recommend the best products for your customized system and install them properly so that they not only work today – but every day down the road. 

As a completely scalable system, Savant lets you start out small and build upon your setup or allows you to fully integrate your home into an expansive system from the upstairs to the outdoors. Our team will continue to upgrade your system’s software anytime Savant has a new update come out, and we can suggest new solutions and product lines once they become available.

We know Savant well, and we make it our business to know your unique home’s needs too – meaning we can cater every system to your specific smart home preferences. That’s how simple Savant (and our team) makes an installation and setup. 

A Variety of Services

As there are endless Savant solutions to bring to your system, our team has the top-tier services to match. From full-on dedicated home theater installations to a new smart home network upgrade, we can enhance your home one room at a time or all at once.

No matter how big or personalized the project is, our team works to achieve the installation you’ve been dreaming of from the start. Lighting control and shading to high-fidelity audio video systems – Electronic Concepts has you covered.


Want to learn more about our installation services that Electronic Concepts, your Platinum Savant dealer, provides? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form here. We’d love to hear from you!

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