How Savant Delivers an Unprecedented Lighting Control Experience

How Savant Delivers an Unprecedented Lighting Control Experience

Enjoy Greater Comfort, Convenience, and Style with Savant’s Unique Lighting Control 

Smart lighting solutions are extremely popular among homeowners. Since they're so popular, many companies now offer their own lighting control systems. The abundance of options should be great news, but they muddy the waters and make it hard to gauge which is best. 

We work with Savant because they're an established home automation company which means reliable performance, great versatility, and integration with a wide range of devices. Below we showcase some of the features our clients in Short Hills, NJ, love the most about Savant lighting control. 

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Savant True Image 

For many people, smart lighting is synonymous with control from an app, so why not start there? One cool feature of the Savant App is its TrueImage technology. This interface lets you take photos of the lighting in a specific room. As you adjust brightness and color, the picture transforms in real-time to show you how the room will look. 

A simple tap on the lights on the screen will turn them on and off, while a slider wheel below the picture lets you choose from an almost infinite range of colors. If you're looking for a consistent look throughout your home, we recommend saving your go-to color palette in your favorites. You'll be able to access and apply these Favorites to every room within seconds. 

Ascend Keypads 

Even though control from touchpads and apps sounds great, there's a reason on-wall switches have been the go-to in homes for almost a century. Savant's Ascend Keypads offer a modern, elegant alternative to the tried-and-tested wall switch. 

The keypads can control up to 32 loads and are available with three different button configurations and eight stylish finishes. Choose from nine different color options to find the perfect match for your decor. Best of all? If you have other Savant technology (like climate control, shades, or audio), you'll also be able to manage those from the keypads.

Energy Management 

The Savant dimmer modules used as part of your lighting control system integrate directly with Savant's unique energy service. This service lets you monitor your power usage to better gauge ways to reduce your overall power consumption. 

If you have backup power solutions, it also lets you create energy scenes to prioritize certain areas or systems during a power outage. For example, suppose you want to cook. In that case, a "Dinner" scene will shut off all loads except vital safety and HVAC-related ones to provide power for the kitchen lights, the stove, oven, fridge, and refrigerator so you can still have a typical meal with the family. 


Transform your lifestyle with advanced lighting control tailored to your needs. Our lighting specialists will find your home's ideal fixtures, control options, and settings. Reach out by calling, filling out our contact form, or chatting with us below. 

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