Fall in Love with Your Music and Movies with Meridian Speakers


Meridian has a robust product line-up to help you create the home audio system of your dreams

Meridian is a dominating brand in active loudspeaker technology. The company creates complete home audio systems — including speakers, amplifiers, DACs, streamers, and more — using digital signal processing (DSP) technologies to reproduce clean, accurate, high-fidelity sound. 

Meridian’s high-performance products allow you to fall in love with your music and movies wherever you are in your Bergen County, NJ, home. The brand has a wide-ranging product line-up for a variety of listening environments. Keep reading to learn how to use Meridian speakers to bring your songs and soundtracks to life! 

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Bring Back Vinyl with a High-Fidelity Turntable


Dust off your vinyl records and enjoy them anew with high-end audio equipment

Vinyl records were the first music sources people could purchase and listen to in the comfort of their own homes. Before records, people were subject to the whims of the radio and had no avenue to choose the music they wanted to enjoy in private. The turntable, popularized in the 1950s, became the primary medium listen to music until the 1980s when the first Sony Walkman hit the music scene. 

Throughout the 2000s, analog sources like vinyl have largely been overshadowed by digital sources like CDs and streaming. But today, vinyl records appear to be making a quiet resurgence. So, if you have a record collection gathering dust in your Morris County, NJ, house, there’s no better time than now to pull it out again. Sophisticated, high-end audio equipment has made it easier than ever to connect a turntable to your audio system and listen to records in high-fidelity sound at home. 

If you’re ready to bring vinyl back, we have product recommendations to help you get started!

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The 4 Best Hi-Res Audio Streaming Services in 2021


We’ll help you choose between the different platforms for lossless music streaming

The music source plays a significant role in overall sound quality when you’re enjoying music on a high-end audio system. Simply put, the better the source material, the better the listening experience. 

In the audio industry, CD quality is the pinnacle of sound reproduction. While streaming services are incredibly popular today, the convenience of listening to thousands of songs on your mobile phone no matter where you are comes at a price — audio files must be compressed to stream easily without lagging and buffering. 

But a new type of streaming is on the rise: high-res audio. High-resolution audio (or lossless audio) uses specific file formatting to shrink large files into manageable sizes without sacrificing the data that gives songs richer, fuller, more dynamic sound. High-res audio promises listeners better-than-CD quality for their favorite songs and albums.

Several streaming services are available if you’re interested in listening to high-res audio at home in Passaic, NJ. Keep reading for a comparison of the most popular four services on the market. 

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Active Vs. Passive: Which Type of Speaker Is Best for Two-Channel Audio?


Learn the pros and cons of each before making a final decision

The quality of active versus passive speakers for two-channel audio systems is a long-running debate among passionate audiophiles. And like most debates over the performance assessment of one type of speaker compared to another, there is no “right” answer.

The best type of speaker for your Morris County, NJ, home audio system depends on many factors, including space constraints, music preferences, and specific system needs. Let’s look at the pros, cons, and best-practice usages for active and passive hi-fi speakers.

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How to Approach Buying a Hi-Fi Audio System for Your Home


Keep these considerations in mind as you’re shopping around

A hi-fi sound system can bring more joy, depth, and vibrancy to the way you listen to your favorite music. It’s an exciting purchase for your Bergen County, NJ, home and one that you shouldn’t make rashly. Before sinking an investment into expensive custom electronics, take the time to do your research, consult the experts at a hi-fi audio store, and determine what you need to build the sound system of your dreams.

If you’re ready to start, read on to learn four considerations to keep top of mind as you approach a purchasing decision.

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3 Types of Sound Systems You Can Buy in Our Hi-Fi Audio Store


Find the best audio equipment for an amazing listening experience at home

If you’re in the market for new home audio equipment, we believe it’s better to listen to a few systems for yourself before making a big purchase. So, if you’re located in Westchester, NY, or the surrounding areas, we invite you to visit the Electronic Concepts showroom to experience your audio options firsthand and talk with our experienced techs about what you’re looking for at home.

Whether you want to immerse yourself in a private listening experience, play music throughout the house, or enjoy movies and TV with dynamic sound, we have the components you need! Keep reading to learn more about the system setups we sell in our hi-fi audio store.

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What Kind of Amplifier Setup Do You Need for Hi-Fi Audio?


Choosing the right amplifier components is crucial for generating amazing sound quality

The amplifier is the driving force behind your hi-fi sound system. Traditional hi-fi systems are built with passive speakers — i.e., speakers that don’t generate their own power. An amplifier, much like it sounds, amplifies audio signals to drive sound through the speakers. Today, you have a few choices for amplification: a separates system with a preamp and amp or an integrated amp setup.

In the not-too-distant past, this blog topic wasn’t even a point of discussion in the AV world. That’s because audiophiles were adamant that the only way to obtain true hi-fi audio was to build a system with a preamplifier, power amplifier, and set of hi-fi speakers. However, as integrated amps have improved, the thinking has shifted.

Keep reading for a more in-depth look at both choices to help you decide which setup is best for your home sound system in Bergen County, NJ.


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The Next Step for Audiophiles: A Dedicated Listening Room for Hi-Fi Audio


Get the most out of your hi-fi audio system at home with a dedicated listening room

Are you a self-diagnosed audiophile who enjoys nothing more than listening to new music in your spare time? If so, you may enjoy having a dedicated listening room in your home.

A dedicated listening room is just that — a space designed for the sole purpose and pleasure of listening to and analyzing amazing music. Room design is simple, consisting of little more than a hi-fi audio system, seating, and personal touches. It’s a place you can go to be undisturbed by TVs, home appliances, or conversation.

If you’re intrigued, keep reading to learn what you need for a dedicated listening room in your Westchester, NY home.


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Electronic Concepts Is Your Trusted Hi-Fi Dealer


Bring Crystal-Clear Sound to Your Entire Living Space

High-fidelity audio can transform your entire Bergen County, NJ home. When you can press a button to fill a room with your favorite artist’s voice in mere seconds, you’ll start to see how much this addition to your smart home is not only a nice feature but also a necessary component to your overall routine.

But how can you ensure you’re bringing the right high-end audio systems and speakers to your living space? Working with a trusted hi-fi dealer like Electronic Concepts can help you determine the right products and solutions for your home setup.

Keep reading below to see how high-end audio can elevate your everyday life, and how our team can bring it to your home today.


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What’s the Difference Between Standard and High-End Audio?


Experience the Unrivaled Quality of Hi-Fi Sound

It’s easy to drive to the nearest big-box store in Westchester, NY or northern New Jersey and pick out some home audio speakers that look the part. But how disappointing would it be to drive home, install your purchase, and find that the quality just wasn’t what you hoped for?

Standard speaker brands can easily put on a façade by covering up subpar quality with empty bells and whistles. Don’t be fooled by appearance and false messaging. Read below to learn the difference between standard and high-end audio so you can properly build the hi-fi sound system of your dreams.


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