How to Avoid Common Outdoor Audio System Issues


Ensure You Get High-Quality Sound Without Disrupting the Neighbors

If you’ve ever used a Bluetooth speaker or boombox to listen to music outdoors, you know how inconvenient and inefficient it is. Not only is it hard to hear if you’re a few feet away, but if the weather turns sour, you have to rush indoors to avoid ruined equipment. Getting good high-quality audio outdoors can be a headache when you try to do it on your own – especially if you have a luxury home with large living areas. 

Our team has heard a lot about these headaches since most people reach out to us once they realize the limitations of their DIY setups. But what if you could avoid the hassle from the start in your Westchester, NY, home? Below we outline some ways a professional installation lets you avoid common outdoor audio system issues. 

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4 Reasons to Hire an Integrator to Install Your Home Theater System


Ensure optimal performance from your system by working with an integrator from the beginning

Building a dedicated cinema in your Westchester, NY, house is a significant investment into your home entertainment. A theater room decked out with the latest technologies and unlimited access to content will be the central hub where you, your friends and family gather to watch movies, binge-watch TV, cheer for your favorite sports teams, and play video games.

We recommend not taking any chances with an investment this big. Instead, consider hiring a home theater company like Electronic Concepts with decades’ worth of experience designing and installing home theater systems. Keep reading to learn the value an integrator brings to the theater installation process.

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3 Ways the Home Theater Experience Surpasses a Commercial Theater


Have an unparalleled movie-watching experience in a custom-designed home theater

The home theater experience comes with plenty of tempting perks — one of which being that you can watch movies in your pajamas. The right home theater design with a large screen, immersive surround sound, lighting control, and comfortable seating easily surpasses the commercial theater experience. If you’re ready to improve your home entertainment, keep reading to learn three reasons why a private home theater is a worthwhile investment for your Westchester, NY home.


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