4 Lighting Design Techniques to Beautify Your Home’s Exteriors


Show off your landscaping and architecture with perfect illumination after dark

It’s time to stop thinking of landscape lighting as only a practical way to illuminate your property after dark and start thinking of it as a design element to show off your home’s beautiful architecture, outdoor art, gardens, and landscaping features.

Compared to daytime, your property is a unique place at night — it looks, sounds, and feels completely different once the sun sets. Landscape lighting allows you the opportunity to bring drama, mystery, beauty, and ambiance to this new environment. Do you need some inspiration to get started? Keep reading to learn four outdoor lighting design techniques to add beauty to your Bergen County, NJ, home’s exteriors — plus the best Coastal Source lighting fixtures to match.

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3 Considerations for Developing Your Outdoor Lighting Design


What factors are important as you begin planning your outdoor lighting installation?

Outdoor lighting is a valuable tool for enhancing your Westchester, NY home’s outdoor living spaces, improving your property’s security, and showing off the beauty and appeal of your architecture and landscaping. Creating the right environment starts with the right outdoor lighting design. If you’re in the beginning stages of a landscape lighting project, read on to learn three considerations to keep top of mind during the planning process.   

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