How to Choose the Perfect Theater Screens for Your Home Theater


Enhance Your Movie-Watching Experience With The Best Display Possible

Why go to the movies when you can get a cinematic experience at your home in Westchester, NY? When you have a home theater, you can personalize everything to your liking – from the seating and design to the audio and video display. 

Whether you’re just beginning the planning process, or you have already begun the design, a key component of home theaters will always be the theater screen. While many wide-screen TVs exist, high-end theater screens, along with laser projectors, remain the top solutions for home cinemas. But how can you choose the best screen?

Read on to learn about the three things to consider, so you can have an amazing viewing experience in your custom home theater. 

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Pair Your Projector with the Right Theater Screen for Optimal Performance


A Display Technologies projection screen showcases your media at its finest

Every aspect of your private home theater or media room contributes to the best viewing experience for your films, TV shows, sports, and video games. Unfortunately, one common mistake we see is homeowners focusing on the quality of a projector but neglecting to choose a high-quality theater screen to match. 

Theater screens come in multiple shapes and sizes, screen surface materials, and installation options — and all these factors impact the image quality of your favorite content. At Electronic Concepts, our go-to theater screen brand is Display Technologies (DT). 

DT offers several options for fixed and masking screens to complement a high-quality projector beautifully in your Westchester, NY, theater room. Keep reading to learn more!

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