Sonus Faber Olympica III: Art and High-End Audio Become One

Sonus Faber Olympica III: Art and High-End Audio Become One

Nurture Your Favorite Recordings with These Award-Winning High-End Speakers

The goal of great high-end speakers is to be an artistic tool for audiophiles, allowing them to achieve an authentic sound attuned to their preferences. One of our go-to high-end audio partners, Sonus Faber, takes this so seriously that their speakers often take the shape (and names) of vintage violins. 

Their Olympica III speaker is striking in its audio quality and looks, with curves reminiscent of a distinctly Italian style and elegant finishes fitting a luxury home. But don't take our word for it; audiophiles in Westchester, NY, can test-drive this beauty at our state-of-the-art showroom. 

Discover how this 3-way floor standing speaker goes toe-to-toe with some of the biggest hi-fi heavy hitters. 

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High-End Audio Transforms Home Entertainment

High-End Audio Transforms Home Entertainment

The Common Element in the Best Entertainment Spaces: High-End Audio

As a luxury smart home integrator and Hi-Fi expert, Electronic Concepts has designed and installed some of the top home entertainment spaces in Franklin Lakes, NJ, and the surrounding areas. These spaces include premier outdoor entertainment installations, transforming backyards with the latest outdoor 4K TVs, and enchanting landscape lighting. 

We’ve integrated luxury home theaters with handcrafted acoustically transparent movie screens and the newest native 4K HDR projectors. Bedrooms, living rooms, garages, and basements have turned into media rooms with large flat-screen 4K HDR TVs that disappear when not in use, plush sectionals, and the ultimate gaming chairs designed for marathon video game competitions. 

To say we've seen our share of home entertainment meccas would be an understatement. However, there's one thing we haven't mentioned that every one of these spaces has in common—the high-end audio that immerses the listener in the moment. In our experience, it’s the defining element. You can have top-end video, but without the immersive sound field and crystal-clear audio, you’ll never experience the captivating moments that take you to another world and beyond.

Let’s explore the makings of a high-end audio system.

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How High-End Audio Elevates Every Area of Your Home

How High-End Audio Elevates Every Area of Your Home

Integrate the right audio technologies, and find a unique way to enhance your living experience

A luxurious lifestyle includes more than having a convenient home control system that manages your smart technologies. It’s about making every activity at home a truly enjoyable experience. Integrating the right technology improves almost everything at home, whether you’re working, doing chores, or having fun. 

And high-end audio is one of those tech solutions that can effortlessly make your life better. At Electronic Concepts, we partner with Meridian Audio, a reputable brand with decades of experience in the audio industry. Keep reading our blog to learn how we can integrate hi-fi audio in your Franklin Lakes, NJ home that completely transforms your lifestyle.

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The Top High-End Audio Speakers Every Audiophile Would Love


Enjoy music the way the artist intended with these outstanding Magico speakers!

Music is one of the most inspiring forms of art. With high-end audio speakers, listening to music can become a whole new experience. At Electronic Concepts, we partner with Magico, a world-famous brand leading the audio industry, to provide the highest-quality sound capable of satisfying the discerning ear of an audiophile. 

Keep reading our blog to learn more about three Magico speakers that will elevate your listening experience in Franklin Lakes, NJ.

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Upgrade Your Soundscape with High-End Home Audio


Immerse Yourself in Sound that Impresses Every Time Your Press Play!

Music is how we connect to so many aspects of the world and life - and taking the time to listen to our preferred tunes and playlists within our own homes is often an essential part of the day! But if you’re stuck listening from your phone or via headphones that are giving out, you might grow disappointed that your home’s audio performance isn’t where you want it to be.

However, with the right equipment and setup, you can experience your home media the way it was intended to be heard and felt. A high-end home audio installation and setup from our team at Electronic Concepts can ensure you have an immersive auditory experience every time you press play - right in your own Short Hills, NJ home. Want to find out more? Keep reading on below.

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Check Out Our Hi-Fi Audio Store to Elevate Your Home Soundscape


We’ve Got Your High-End Audio Needs Covered!

Have you been searching for the Hi-Fi audio store near you to offer the right AV solutions and services for your Morris County, NJ home’s soundscape? Look no further: Electronic Concepts delivers high-end audio systems and products that will integrate seamlessly with your home audio setup and elevate it to a new level entirely.

Our expertise and insights on everything regarding the home audio industry will guide your whole installation process, ensuring that you receive the audio solutions and setup you had envisioned all along. So come check out our store and read on below to learn more about our top-notch services!

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How to Find the Right Subwoofer for Your High-End Speakers


JL Audio Offers High-Performance Models to Match Any System 

Pairing your high-end speakers with the right subwoofers means the difference between a good hi-fi setup and a great one. Unfortunately, searching for subwoofers can sometimes seem like a wild goose chase. You may feel the need to sacrifice power to get the sound quality you want or settle for a smaller subwoofer to meet your aesthetic needs. 

The good news is JL Audio’s powered and in-wall subwoofers offer many options that ensure you don’t have to sacrifice at any point. Instead, you can focus on finding just the right product for your space. As the top hi-fi dealer in Franklin Lake, NJ, we wanted to summarize the features that matter most. When you’re ready to dive into your search, we recommend visiting our state-of-the-art showroom to test some of these models firsthand.

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How to Get the New dCS APEX Upgrade


Your Local DCS Dealer Helps You Access the Company’s Latest Offering

In March 2022, dCS announced the release of the new APEX hardware upgrade, which improved the Ring DAC’s circuit board and analog output stage. This included improvements to the reference supply, replacing transistors and adjusting the overall layout. The result is reduced distortion, greater linearity and measured sound improvement. 

Are you interested in enhancing your existing dCS equipment with the latest APEX upgrade? As the go-to dCS dealer in Bergen County, NJ, we can help! Below is more information on how to get the new hardware upgrade added to your dCS products. 

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APEX: Explore the Latest dCS DAC Upgrade


Enjoy Enhanced Performance from Your Digital Audio 

As one of the top hi-fi audio companies in Morris County, NJ, it’s our mission to provide the best possible sonic experience for our clients. As certified dealers for some of the top brands in the audio industry, we get first access to many new features and products. So, we believe informing our customers when new products and technologies become available is a big part of our job. It’s one of the things that differentiates us from run-of-the-mill retail stores. 

With that in mind, as dCS dealers, we recently learned of a brand-new hardware upgrade that will significantly improve the performance of the company’s music systems. Available starting in March 2022, the dCS Ring DAC APEX allows for a greater range of sound and enhanced musical performance from the company’s digital-analog converters. 

While this new version of the Ring DAC will be available in all future dCS products, there is also a hardware and software upgrade available for those that already own the legacy products. 

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Unleash Your Home Audio With High-End JL Audio Subwoofers


Explore Our Top Recommendations for Unprecedented Sound Quality 

Audiophiles know a surefire way to convert a good stereo system into a great one is with a powerful subwoofer. Though known best for expanding your audio’s bass performance, subwoofers do a lot more than that. The right one will improve your sound's overall dynamic and imaging while enhancing the details coming out of your high-end speakers

How do you know which subwoofer will help unleash all these features in your 2-channel system? Electronic Concepts offers JL Audio subwoofers for our discerning clients. Their award-winning powered subwoofers boast trademarked drivers and innovative designs. This blog highlights their two premier lines to help you decide which would be the best fit for your Westchester, NY home. 

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Experience High-End Audio Throughout Your Home


Iconic Brands Deliver High-Fidelity Sound Through In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers

Is a film’s soundscape as important to you as the lifelike images derived from the best 4K OLED TV screens? Is the sound of a soft breeze or a tinkling brook as important as the chase scene that ends in a thunderous collision? And do you want high-fidelity sound filling your home through your distributed audio system?

If you’re like many of our clients and all of our team, the answer to those questions is an emphatic “Yes!” The good news is that you can experience high-end audio throughout your home, including your media room or home theater, without requiring the floorstanding or tower speakers known for delivering the big, full sound.

Yes, you can retain your home’s aesthetics and design in Bergen County, NJ, while experiencing the best the audio world has to offer. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

At Electronic Concepts, we partner with the industry leaders in music reproduction. As whole-home audio and home theaters have transformed the home’s entertainment and audio landscape, these iconic brands have adapted their workhorse, floorstanding speakers into architectural speakers that produce hi-fi sound. Let’s look at a few companies making a name for themselves in this growing market.

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Listen to Studio-Quality Audio at Home With Meridian Loudspeakers


Learn how a Meridian audio system will take your music, movies, and TV shows to the next level

So, it’s time to install or upgrade the audio in your Westchester, NY, home. The problem is that there are so many different hi-fi brands to choose from, system setups to consider, and budgetary and space needs to meet.

Today, we’re breaking down a top brand name that offers a modern route to high-fidelity sound. Meridian audio systems and active loudspeakers use innovative digital technologies to deliver stunningly lifelike and authentic audio in your home spaces. In addition, the brand provides complete, matched systems that can be used in multiple applications to meet all your home audio needs. Keep reading to learn more about upgrading your listening experience with Meridian!

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Active Vs. Passive: Which Type of Speaker Is Best for Two-Channel Audio?


Learn the pros and cons of each before making a final decision

The quality of active versus passive speakers for two-channel audio systems is a long-running debate among passionate audiophiles. And like most debates over the performance assessment of one type of speaker compared to another, there is no “right” answer.

The best type of speaker for your Morris County, NJ, home audio system depends on many factors, including space constraints, music preferences, and specific system needs. Let’s look at the pros, cons, and best-practice usages for active and passive hi-fi speakers.

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2 Hi-Fi Speaker Types for High Performance Audio Systems


We’ll help you choose the right pair of speakers for your hi-fi setup at home

It probably goes without saying, but speakers are one of the most important (if not the most important) components of a high performance audio system. Before choosing the right pair for your setup at home, it helps to understand the types of speakers available.

In the blog post below, we’ll outline the two primary design models for hi-fi speakers and explain the most practical uses for each. We hope our guide helps point you in the right direction for your Bergen County, NJ, home audio system!

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Power Your Hi-Fi Audio System with a Dan D’Agostino Amplifier


Learn more about the pioneer of high-end, high-powered audio amplification

No matter how well-designed your high-end passive speakers are, they still fall flat without a robust amplifier powering and amplifying the audio signals. Passive speakers have weak audio signals and no internal amplification. Without a preamp and power amp or integrated amplifier, your speakers by themselves will produce soft, thready sound.

Dan D’Agostino is a well-known name in the audio amplification industry. The brand’s preamps, mono, stereo, and integrated amps are crafted with the highest-quality components and sound engineering techniques to drive powerful, dynamic sound to the loudspeakers of your choice. Keep reading to learn more about one of Dan D’Agostino’s newest amp releases making waves in the audio industry: the Progression integrated amplifier. Is Progression the right choice for your hi-fi setup in Bergen County, NJ? Find out below!

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Meridian Audio: The Pioneers of High-Resolution Sound


Take a closer look at Meridian Audio’s hi-fi systems for exceptional home audio

Meridian Audio was founded in 1977 and was among the first audio manufacturers to introduce high-end active loudspeakers to the market. Meridian is also credited with designing and releasing the first audiophile-quality CD player and first digital sound processor.

Since its founding, Meridian has wowed audiophiles in Westchester, NY and worldwide with home cinema and hi-fi systems that deliver sound in exceptionally rich detail and clarity. In particular, Meridian active loudspeakers with digital signal processing (DSP) are revered for processing and transmitting audio signals with unmatched fidelity.

Keep reading to learn more about Meridian’s DSP loudspeakers.  

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6 Tips for Optimal Placement of Your Hi-Fi Speakers


Proper speaker positioning has a dramatic effect on overall sound quality

When a hi-fi audio system isn’t delivering the quality you expected, you may be quick to blame the system components. But if you’ve selected high-performance speakers, purchased a robust power amp, and carved out a dedicated listening space in your Westchester, NY home, perhaps the problem is something else.

All too often, homeowners overlook the importance of correct speaker positioning in their hi-fi setup. While every system is different, we have some general guidelines you can follow to ensure your speakers are in place to deliver the best listening experience possible. Keep reading for our six tips!

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Does Lossless Audio Make a Difference in a Hi-Fi Sound System?


Learn how music source plays a role in the overall quality of your hi-fi system

If you have a hi-fi audio system in your Westchester, NY home, then you’re invested in achieving the highest-quality listening experience. Your hi-fi system allows you to listen to streaming music, CDs, MP3s, vinyl records, and other music sources as the most faithful recreation of the artist’s intent in the recording studio.

As you’ve delved deeper into the world of high-fidelity music, you’ve probably stumbled across the concept of “lossless audio.” But what is lossless audio, and does it truly impact the listening experience with a hi-fi sound system? We break it down below.


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What to Look for When You Buy Hi-Fi Audio


Find the Best Sound Solutions for Your Living Space

Music is a part of our daily lives – and if you’re a true connoisseur, then you like to surround yourself with high-end audio as much as possible. What if you could bring that level of sound quality to your own Franklin Lakes, NJ home?

You might wonder what makes audio “hi-fi,” and how you can determine which brands are best for you. We’re here to help. In this blog, we’re diving into a guide on what makes audio products high end, and what steps you can take to bring top-notch speakers and equipment setups to your living space. 

Want to find out more? Keep reading below.

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What’s the Difference Between Standard and High-End Audio?


Experience the Unrivaled Quality of Hi-Fi Sound

It’s easy to drive to the nearest big-box store in Westchester, NY or northern New Jersey and pick out some home audio speakers that look the part. But how disappointing would it be to drive home, install your purchase, and find that the quality just wasn’t what you hoped for?

Standard speaker brands can easily put on a façade by covering up subpar quality with empty bells and whistles. Don’t be fooled by appearance and false messaging. Read below to learn the difference between standard and high-end audio so you can properly build the hi-fi sound system of your dreams.


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