What is the Best Projector for Your Gaming Room Setup?


Transform Your Gaming Experience with High-End Visuals 

Cinephiles are no longer the only demographic looking for a dedicated entertainment space. Video game enthusiasts also want an immersive experience that optimizes audio and video quality to gain a competitive advantage and have an entertaining space for friends and family to hang out. 

Projectors are often one of the first considerations in gaming room setups. Nothing places you in the middle of the action for your favorite sports, first-person shooter, or racing game more than a huge 100-inch screen.

Do you need help figuring out what would be the best gaming projector for your Westchester, NY home? This blog highlights what to look for in a 4K video projector and even provides product recommendations. 

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Why a Projector is Still the Best Option for Your Home Theater


Choose from a Wide Range of High-End 4K Home Theater Projectors 

New advances in video display technology have made high-end flatscreens a much more common solution for home theater systems. As flatscreens increase in size, they're becoming a tempting option since they often offer greater brightness and color depth compared to a projector. However, despite this growing competition, we don't expect projector-and-screen combinations to disappear from our luxury installations in Passaic, NJ. 

Read on to find out why high-end 4K video projectors are still our go-to when it comes to dedicated home theaters.

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