The Magico S Series: A Triumph of Trickle-Down Speaker Engineering


Magico’s S Series Brings Flagship-Level Technology to an Approachable Level

There’s no question that Magico speakers have earned a well-deserved reputation for pushing the envelope in ultra-high-end speaker technology and design. Not everyone, however, will spend the price of Porsche 911 on a speaker. However, the price of a Honda Civic might not be out of line for a speaker that can provide a superlative audio experience. 

Remember trickle-down economics from the 1980s? The jury is still out on how well that worked for the U.S. economy, but it works quite well for speaker design. The best speaker manufacturers, like Magico, throw everything they have into their flagship models. They experiment with and refine new materials, crossover networks, cabinet design, and other elements which make up great speakers. The flagship models, like the Magico M Series, get the best of everything. Other series down the line sport more approachable pricing but benefit mightily from all the R&D that went into the top tier. 

The Magico S Series is a beneficiary of trickle-down engineering. If you’re looking for an ultra-high-end speaker for your Westchester, NY listening room that doesn’t cost as much as a sports car but arguably delivers the same pleasure, take a closer look at the S Series below. 

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Magico Audio Spotlight: A Look at the M-Series Loudspeakers


The M-Series introduced all-new methodologies and materials into Magico’s award-winning loudspeakers

The M-Series loudspeakers were born out of the M Project, an important footnote in Magico’s history. In 2014, Magico designed and launched a limited-edition loudspeaker that would redefine the way the company engineered loudspeakers from there on out. The groundbreaking M Project is a three-way, five-driver floorstanding speaker featuring a new tweeter design, new 10” bass drivers, and a newly designed curved shape to minimize resonances.

The M Project was a huge success. When it launched, Magico speakers were already well-known for their incredibly accurate, low-distortion playback. But the M Project delivered above and beyond accuracy — the sound was richer, fuller, more lifelike, and overwhelmingly authentic.

Eventually, components from the M Project were used to build Magico’s acclaimed M-Series loudspeakers. Keep reading to learn more about what the Magico M3 and M6 speakers would look and sound like in your Westchester, NY, home.

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Discover Magico’s A-List Celebrities: The A3 and A5 Hi-Fi Speakers


Magico’s floorstanding speakers are the cream of the crop for hi-fi audio

Magico loudspeakers have been making a name for themselves for over 17 years. Easily some of the hottest and most talked about products on the hi-fi market, Magico speakers are revered for their high-quality design, scientifically backed sound engineering techniques, and impressive, full-range performance.

The A Series is one of Magico’s newer product lines and includes two floorstanding loudspeakers — the A3 and the A5 — that are garnering a lot of attention in the high-end audio world. This year, Stereophile magazine announced that the Magico A5 won the best loudspeaker and product award. Keep reading to learn more about Magico speakers and envision how they would sound in your Westchester, NY, home.


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