The Makings of the Ultimate Luxury Home Theater

The Makings of the Ultimate Luxury Home Theater

Experience the Immersive Cinematic Experience at Home

Have you been considering a luxury home theater for your home in Franklin Lakes, NJ? If so, you’re not alone. As the number of smart homes increase, so does the desire for the ultimate entertainment space.

So, what exactly is a luxury home theater? That definition varies widely, with some of our clients preferring reclining luxury tiered movie seats and others dreaming of overstuffed sofas and chaise lounges. There are, however, a few details that most luxury theaters have in common—the best sound system, correctly applied acoustic treatments, and lifelike images that immerse the viewer in each scene. Keep reading to learn all about the home theater essentials!

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3 Keys to Designing a Top-Notch Home Theater

3 Keys to Designing a Top-Notch Home Theater

Take the magic of cinema to the next level of luxury and innovation!

One of the greatest things about home technology is that it can be used to make your living more comfortable and fun. A good example of this is home theaters, which can bring you all the excitement and immersive experience of a film without having to deal with the sticky floors, loud neighbors, and uncomfortable seatings of traditional theaters. 

Want to make your family’s entertainment experience more enjoyable? Check out these three top elements of a world-class home theater design and create the perfect space to spend unforgettable moments with your loved ones in your Franklin Lakes, NJ home.

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What Are the Best Projectors for Your Home Theater Screens?


Samsung and Sony Offer Top-of-the-Line Models for Any Application 

Projector-and-screen installations are still the standard in custom home theaters. Pairing a high-end projector with a dedicated theater screen is the best way to get dynamic, larger-than-life images in the comfort of home. More manufacturers release 4K video projectors each year to meet this growing demand for at-home entertainment. 

While this proliferation of products is great news for the consumer, it also creates the infamous paradox of choice. In theory, more options are better, but they also make it harder to know which is the right one for your home. That’s where the experts step in to help! 

As one of the top AV companies in Morris County, NJ, Electronic Concepts can advise you on some of the best projectors on the market. Below we highlight two of our favorites, but we recommend visiting our showroom to test out some of the premium choices firsthand. 

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Pair Your Projector with the Right Theater Screen for Optimal Performance


A Display Technologies projection screen showcases your media at its finest

Every aspect of your private home theater or media room contributes to the best viewing experience for your films, TV shows, sports, and video games. Unfortunately, one common mistake we see is homeowners focusing on the quality of a projector but neglecting to choose a high-quality theater screen to match. 

Theater screens come in multiple shapes and sizes, screen surface materials, and installation options — and all these factors impact the image quality of your favorite content. At Electronic Concepts, our go-to theater screen brand is Display Technologies (DT). 

DT offers several options for fixed and masking screens to complement a high-quality projector beautifully in your Westchester, NY, theater room. Keep reading to learn more!

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2 Must-Have Products for Amazing Sound and Visuals in Your Home Theater


Equip your home theater with a B&W 5.1 system and Barco projector for superior AV performance

Dedicated home theaters are designed to deliver an immersive, high-performance sound and visual experience that matches or transcends a commercial movie theater. Therefore, choosing high-quality AV equipment to equip your theater is of the utmost importance.

Today, we’re highlighting two brands that consistently meet performance expectations in luxury cinemas. Bowers & Wilkins is one of the most well-known and revered names in high-end audio, and the CT800 and CT700 series are among the best home theater sound systems on the market. Meanwhile, Barco projectors guarantee flawless, life-like, and detailed image reproduction of your favorite films and shows.

Keep reading to learn how a B&W 5.1 system and Barco projector will elevate your theater in Bergen County, NJ!

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4 Fun Ways to Improve Your Home Theater Installation


It’s the small details that make a BIG difference in your home theater

home theater installation is a luxurious addition to your Westchester, NY, home — and that’s why you expect the best movie-watching experience possible while you’re in it. If you find yourself wanting more movie magic, we have several recommendations for theater upgrades and additions that can make a substantial difference in the quality of your experience. 

Below, keep reading to learn four fun ways you can upgrade your home cinema for more comfort and enjoyment!

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4 Criteria for Selecting the Best Luxury Home Theater Company


The right design and technology partner will help you turn your theater dream into reality

Building a luxury home theater in your Bergen County, NJ, home requires a significant investment in time, resources, and money. And with so many moving parts that go into designing and installing a custom theater, it can feel overwhelming to take on the project yourself.

That’s why we recommend partnering with an AV expert like Electronic Concepts. Working with a home theater company will ensure that your project is completed to your specifications, on time, and within budget. Keep reading to learn four criteria to consider when choosing the best theater installer.

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3 Elements That Bring Your Luxury Home Theater Design Together


Enhance the comfort, aesthetic and viewing experience of your private theater with attention to detail

Where do you begin designing a luxury home theater? Building a truly immersive environment for watching movies and TV shows, playing video games, and cheering on your favorite sports team requires careful attention to dozens of small details. Everything from the size and shape of the room to the amount of outside light to the seating arrangements contributes to the comfort, aesthetic, and overall viewing experience. 

If you’re embarking on the planning and designing phases for a home theater in Westchester, NY, we’re here to help with three design elements that help bring your theater room together. Read on to learn more.

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What Entertainment Can You Enjoy in Your Home Theater?


It’s time to expand your entertainment horizons beyond movies

All too often, home theater marketing focuses on how large-screen projectors, surround sound, controllable lighting, and plush theater seating recreates a movie-watching experience comparable to that of going to the movies. And that’s all true, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Today, more and more homeowners are experimenting with flexible design, new technologies, and advanced home theater systems that can support a range of content sources — not just movies. Keep reading to learn about other types of entertainment you can enjoy in your Bergen County, NJ home cinema.

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Why a Professional Home Theater Installation Is a Must


Team Up With Experts for Your Home Cinema Setup and Design

A home theater installation can feel overwhelming for anyone! There are so many varying components to take into account – from AV products to the overall layout and design. That’s why having an experienced team of professional integrators on your side, like Electronic Concepts, is key.

A professional installation can take away any of the risk and guessing out of your project – and leave you with a home theater that impresses and entertains every time! Bring this cinematic quality to your Westchester, NY home today. Learn why working with a trusted team is a must by reading on below.


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Home Theater Installation—1 Huge Mistake You’re Making


Your home theater is your sanctuary, the place you go after a long day at the office (even if it’s your at-home office space!), the place where you watch the big game with friends and family, the place where you and the kids can spend a weekend watching movies and connecting.

If you’re going to install a home theater, shouldn’t it be perfect from the ground up?

We’ve helped many customers in Westchester, NY with home theater installation projects that were complex; we’ve found that even when all the right components are in place, if you don’t address this huge issue, your final product might not live up to your expectations.

Here’s the huge mistake you’re almost certainly making.

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How Can You Best Personalize Your Custom Home Theater?


Enhance Your Viewing Experience Every Time – Here’s How

Bringing in that local cinema experience right into the comfort of your own Basking Ridge, NJ home is always the goal. From watching a favorite film franchise over and over again to starting a new TV show binge to even playing a new video game or catching a team play for the championship – a professional home theater installation has endless benefits for your home entertainment.

That’s why, when you customize your theater design to fit your preferences and needs, you can make the space uniquely yours for every movie night or TV series marathon.


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