Home Theater Installation—1 Huge Mistake You’re Making


Your home theater is your sanctuary, the place you go after a long day at the office (even if it’s your at-home office space!), the place where you watch the big game with friends and family, the place where you and the kids can spend a weekend watching movies and connecting.

If you’re going to install a home theater, shouldn’t it be perfect from the ground up?

We’ve helped many customers in Westchester, NY with home theater installation projects that were complex; we’ve found that even when all the right components are in place, if you don’t address this huge issue, your final product might not live up to your expectations.

Here’s the huge mistake you’re almost certainly making.

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You’re Focusing First on Technology and Forgetting the Space Itself

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve walked into a customer’s home and heard them talk at length about all the components they’re going to need, asking which screens are better than others or what projectors they should invest in -- only to find out they’re going to put the home theater in a loft bedroom where the sound quality is going to be mangled or in a basement with concrete walls that are going to reflect the sound and distort the experience.

The space where you set up your home theater is critical to your viewing pleasure. The best speakers in the world might make the theater rock while driving the rest of the house crazy if you don’t have decent insulation. And even if you’re not worried about keeping everyone else up with your late-night Netflix binges, you certainly want the room itself to facilitate the experience—and not ruin it.

While there are many options for dealing with problematic rooms, it’s best to work closely with your home theater installation team from the beginning to discuss options for optimizing your home theater space. Maybe the room you’ve picked is okay, but maybe it would be better to knock out a wall and expand the space for the right sound quality; perhaps you need to consider adding a room to your home.

Even the right room might need to have the hardwood flooring switched out for carpet or acoustic wall panels added for the right effects. Every home theater is different, so the closer you work with your installer from the beginning of the project, the better.

Let’s Build You the Perfect Home Theater

So many families spend a huge portion of their free time together in the home theater, especially now, given the crisis we’re all facing. Getting the perfect setup makes those close family moments more enjoyable.

Let’s talk about how to build you the perfect home theater for your family, without sacrificing either technology or design.

Contact us today.

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