Think Outside the Box: Creative Ideas for Installing a Home Theater System


Creative design and advanced technologies can help you create a theater experience anywhere

When you close your eyes and picture a private home cinema, what do you see? The most common picture that comes to mind is a large, isolated room with a roll-down projector screen, plush theater seating, surround sound, and soft mood lights. And while that’s the dream for some homeowners in Morris County, NJ, that design isn’t to everyone’s tastes.

Some people don’t have space for a dedicated theater room, while others prefer a more flexible design that can accommodate multiple entertainment activities. With creative design techniques and a little help from sophisticated AV, lighting, and shading technologies, you can build a unique home theater system that meets your specific lifestyle needs. Keep reading for three inspirational theater ideas!

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Transform Your Next Party with Outdoor Audio Video


Completely Elevate Your Next Backyard Get-Together

There’s no reason to keep the party inside. Take your home entertainment out into your Short Hills, NJ backyard and onto your patio with a top-notch outdoor audio system in place. You’ll bring brand-new scenery and setting to your gatherings with friends and family and elevate any occasion instantly.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the smart features of this audio solution, and what the many benefits of outdoor entertainment are. Keep reading on below to find out more.


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