Does Your Home Theater Truly Have Immersive Audio?

Does Your Home Theater Truly Have Immersive Audio?

Upgrade from Traditional Surround Sound to Object-Based Audio 

No matter how crisp the images are on your screen, a poor surround sound experience will instantly ruin your movie. The audio transports you from your home to a new setting, whether it’s the middle of a football stadium or a battle in Middle Earth. Despite that, many homeowners are settling for outdated surround sound systems without realizing it. 

The channel-based approaches that have defined surround sound for decades are a thing of the past. In their places is a whole new way to experience your favorite movies. Over the past decade, audio formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X have transformed the way we listen to movies and even albums. 

This blog explains how these immersive audio systems work and the best ways to incorporate this technology into your Short Hills, NJ, home. 

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The Art of Sound in a Home Theater Installation


Explore the Immersive Soundstage So Important to the Home Theater Experience 

Type “home theaters” into Pinterest, and you’ll see hundreds of different pictures displaying someone’s ideal home theater. The first thing you’ll notice is that no two look alike. Some offer luxury, reclining tiered movie seats and star-lit ceilings. Others look like elegant living rooms with screens and projectors that descend from the ceiling. And then, there are multi-use media rooms that offer gaming chairs, couches, a pool table, and a bar. Do you want an outdoor home theater nestled next to the pool? You’ll see those too. 

The other eye-catching element you’ll notice about these home theater installation designs is the display. The images fill the room, popping off the screen in crystal-clear detail and brilliant colors. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to create the space in your Short Hills, NJ, home that defines the ultimate in entertainment. Let’s explore one of the most important features—something you can’t see in the many home theaters, but you certainly can hear!

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Experience Earth-Shattering Bass Without The Clutter


Explore JL Audio’s In-Wall Subwoofer Models

Often when we talk to clients, they worry about choosing between quality and style when it comes to their home audio–whether it be surround sound or two-channel. Subwoofers get a particularly bad reputation since they lack the style of some of their high-end loudspeaker counterparts and can look like big black boxes in the corner of a room.

The good news is there are a lot of high-performance subwoofers that can be hidden within walls while still packing a strong punch. In particular, we often recommend JL Audio in-wall subwoofers for our clients throughout Bergen County, NJ. 

JL Audio crafted a Fathom line of in-wall subwoofers through thin-line drivers and purposeful engineering that delivers unrivaled low-frequency extension and dynamics. Manufactured with two in-wall cabinets, a rack-mountable amplifier and an outboard, these IWS System subwoofers don’t lose any of their in-room counterparts’ power and signal processing.

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How to Avoid Common In-Wall Subwoofer Problems


A High-End Brand and Professional Installation Make All the Difference 

Over the years, in-wall subwoofers have gotten a reputation for being a subpar solution. Not only is it hard to find an appropriate placement for them, but often they don’t quite pack the punch of their in-room counterparts. Though we’ve seen our share of problems in past installations, they usually stem from using the wrong products or installing them incorrectly. 

In-wall subwoofers work well in your home theater or media room when you use high-end brands in conjunction with experienced installers. In this blog, we highlight some of the ways we successfully integrate in-wall subwoofers into our projects throughout Morris County, NJ. 

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What the Experts Have to Say About the Perlisten S7t Tower Speaker


Find Out Why Audiophiles Are Embracing This New High-End Speaker

Although initially founded in 2016, Perlisten Audio didn’t hit the big stage until 2021 with the release of their Perlisten S7t Tower Speaker featuring THX technology. The company’s flagship speaker takes their goal of perceptual listening to a whole new level. The S7t tower speakers are the only luxury loudspeakers certified as THX-Dominus—the company’s highest rating. 

Since its release, the S7t has garnered much praise beyond its THX certification. It won an award from Residential Systems and has gotten glowing reviews from some of the top industry trades. However, to really gauge their quality, we recommend demoing them firsthand at our showroom. Our showroom is the only one within 300 miles of Bergen County, NJ, to have this revolutionary speaker on display.

In the meantime, we don’t want you to take our word for it. Below is some of the amazing praise these speakers have garnered since their release in 2021. 

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Installing a Home Theater? Get Top-Notch Sound with Lyngdorf Processors


Enhance your home theater experience with high-definition surround sound

Recreating the magic of cinema at home can be a tricky task with so many details to consider. With the right team to help you through the process, we believe it is completely possible to enjoy the excitement a movie theater brings without giving up the comfort only your home can offer. 

A big part of the theater experience is that powerful, all-encompassing sound. And while its easy for many people to understand how important surround sound is to the home theater experience, its hard to know exactly how to optimize it. 

The focus shouldn’t be solely on your high-end speakers. What you need is a powerful engine behind it all. That’s why we recommend Lyngdorf processors for our home theater installations. Keep reading to learn what these devices can offer and which one fits best for your Westchester, NY home.

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Experience the Ultimate Surround Sound System


B&W Takes the 360-Degree Soundstage to the Next Level

British-based Bowers & Wilkins developed an early reputation as designers, engineers, and builders of some of the best hi-fi speakers in the world. Today, that reputation still stands as audiophiles save up to purchase their top high-performance speakers that some define as legendary.

Their 800 Diamond Series delivers the pinnacle of hi-fi performance. These are the speakers you’ll find in recording studios around the world. So, you may wonder, why are we highlighting their 600 Series? One reason is their price point. The 600 Series offers incredible value.

The second reason is that as B&W continues in their engineering milestones and innovative “firsts,” they hand down their trademark secrets to the more affordable products. The 600 series incorporates many technologies from their premier series, including the Continuum cone mid/bass driver for perfect midrange sounds and the low distortion Decoupled Double Dome tweeter. These high-performance technologies are found in affordable cabinets.

In essence, while the 600 series is considered B&W’s entry-level system, it performs better than many other brands' top-of-the-line systems.

Even better? This system happens to make the perfect B&W surround sound system for your Bergen County, NJ home.

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2 Must-Have Products for Amazing Sound and Visuals in Your Home Theater


Equip your home theater with a B&W 5.1 system and Barco projector for superior AV performance

Dedicated home theaters are designed to deliver an immersive, high-performance sound and visual experience that matches or transcends a commercial movie theater. Therefore, choosing high-quality AV equipment to equip your theater is of the utmost importance.

Today, we’re highlighting two brands that consistently meet performance expectations in luxury cinemas. Bowers & Wilkins is one of the most well-known and revered names in high-end audio, and the CT800 and CT700 series are among the best home theater sound systems on the market. Meanwhile, Barco projectors guarantee flawless, life-like, and detailed image reproduction of your favorite films and shows.

Keep reading to learn how a B&W 5.1 system and Barco projector will elevate your theater in Bergen County, NJ!

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Complete Your Luxury Home Theater with Bowers & Wilkins Sound


The B&W CT800 surround sound system in your home theater is guaranteed to delight

Stunning, lifelike visuals are only one half of the equation for creating an awe-inspiring experience in your home theater — high-fidelity surround sound is the other half. A film’s visuals are what draw your eye, but it’s the audio that pulls you into the fast-paced action scenes, high-tension suspense scenes, and dramatic monologues from your favorite characters.

Bowers & Wilkins is a well-known name in high-performance audio. The brand’s custom theater solutions are designed to deliver extraordinarily accurate sound in an enveloping soundscape that brings your movies to life. Keep reading to learn more about bringing B&W CT800 loudspeakers into your Bergen County, NJ, luxury home theater system.


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3 Reasons Now Is the Time to Invest in a Home Theater System


It’s easier than ever to enjoy quality entertainment from the comfort of home

In times past, the only way to enjoy a truly magical movie-watching experience was to head out to the local theater with a date, the family, or a group of friends. However, home entertainment and home theater systems have had a slow but steady rise in design, technology, comfort, and user experience advancements. Today’s private home theaters rival — and often surpass — the commercial theater experience. And the allure of remaining in pajamas, inviting over a huge group of friends, and skipping the expensive movie snacks is convincing more Passaic, NJ homeowners that a home theater installation is worth the investment.

If you’re considering building or upgrading your home entertainment setup, learn why there’s never been a better time than now to commit to a home theater.

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How to Design Amazing Sound in Your Dedicated Home Theater


High-end audio takes your movie-watching experience from good to unbeatable

There is no great movie-watching experience without great sound. A quality soundscape accounts for at least half of the enjoyment, excitement, and emotional pull we feel while watching movies, TV shows and other types of media. If you’re investing the time, money, and effort into building a dedicated home theater in your Morris County, NJ, home, then high-end audio is essential to get the most value out of your entertainment.

There are a few components every home theater design needs for unparalleled sound. Keep reading to learn what they are.


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3 Ways the Home Theater Experience Surpasses a Commercial Theater


Have an unparalleled movie-watching experience in a custom-designed home theater

The home theater experience comes with plenty of tempting perks — one of which being that you can watch movies in your pajamas. The right home theater design with a large screen, immersive surround sound, lighting control, and comfortable seating easily surpasses the commercial theater experience. If you’re ready to improve your home entertainment, keep reading to learn three reasons why a private home theater is a worthwhile investment for your Westchester, NY home.


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