The Best of the Best: The dCS Audio Vivaldi


dCS Vivaldi is Designed to be the Ultimate Listening Experience for Discerning Audiophiles

In the world of high-end audio, just about all the equipment and systems are good. You'd be hard-pressed to find a high-end speaker, amplifier, preamp, or DAC that somehow didn't deliver superior audio performance. You will, however, find differences in frequency response, imaging, presentation, soundstage, and many other factors. Discerning audiophiles, then, tend to look for systems and equipment that deliver the sound with all the detail, texture, and nuance of the original recording. 

That is no mean feat, and you might argue that this is the goal of any high-end audio company. The truth is most of them succeed at delivering an excellent presentation. And some go the extra mile in precision audio engineering to deliver a musical performance with that additional detail, nuance, and texture that makes it more memorable than the rest.

That’s what dCS Audio has done with its Vivaldi system. Using everything they’ve learned over three decades of pioneering products in digital audio, the Vivaldi aims to deliver a musical experience that is – in their words – technically precise and musically profound. As a premier dCS dealer serving Westchester, New York to New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we couldn’t agree more! Learn more about the incomparable dCS Vivaldi system below. 

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Hi-Fi Spotlight: dCS Audio for the Detail-Oriented Music Lover


dCS audio systems reproduce high-fidelity music with no detail added or lost

dCS’s story begins in 1987 in Cambridge, England. Mike Story and a group of electronic engineers founded dCS to provide consultancy services to aviation and aerospace companies. They soon gained a reputation as leading experts in signal conversion. After their success in aviation, the dCS team began exploring how signal conversion technology could be applied to digital audio.

Today, dCS audio systems are a recognized leader in high-resolution digital audio playback. Every system is designed and hand-assembled in Cambridge, England, to reproduce extraordinarily detailed and nuanced sound in professional studios and home settings. The company lives by the motto “only the music” to guide its approach to high-fidelity audio reproduction.

Electronic Concepts is proud to announce we’re a premier dCS dealer in New Jersey! Keep reading to learn more about dCS products and find the best fit for your Bergen County, NJ, home.

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