Home Theater Projector Buying Guide: Lamp, Laser, or LED?


Which type of projector delivers the best image quality and the most bang for your buck?

Whether you’re watching a new film release on HBO Max, binge-watching a favorite TV show on Hulu, or following your football team on cable TV, enjoying media on the big screen makes a lasting impression. A projector (paired with a 100” plus projection screen) is a great choice for a home theater display because it delivers more screen size than a flatscreen TV.

If you’re choosing a projector as part of your home theater design in Westchester, NY, you’ll need to know the differences between projector technologies to select the best fit for your home. All projectors are powered by a light source, but not all light sources are created equal. Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of the three standard projector types for home theaters: lamp, laser, and LED. 

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3 Fun Ways to Enjoy Your Home Theater Installation This Fall


Connect with family and friends over amazing entertainment in your theater

As the weather cools in Bergen County, NJ, you may be seeking fun indoor activities to occupy yourself and your family during the crisp fall months. So now is a great time to make the most of your home theater installation

When it gets too chilly to stay outdoors, a decked-out home theater can be your go-to spot for entertainment and quality time with friends and family. Keep reading to explore three fun ways you can enjoy your theater room this fall. 

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What Entertainment Can You Enjoy in Your Home Theater?


It’s time to expand your entertainment horizons beyond movies

All too often, home theater marketing focuses on how large-screen projectors, surround sound, controllable lighting, and plush theater seating recreates a movie-watching experience comparable to that of going to the movies. And that’s all true, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Today, more and more homeowners are experimenting with flexible design, new technologies, and advanced home theater systems that can support a range of content sources — not just movies. Keep reading to learn about other types of entertainment you can enjoy in your Bergen County, NJ home cinema.

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4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Home Theater Display


Use this guide to help you select the right TV or movie projector for your home cinema

Choosing a display screen for your Passaic, NJ, home cinema is one of the most exciting parts of the home theater design process. After all, the screen is where all the magic happens as you watch your favorite movies, TV shows, sporting events, and video games come to life before your eyes.

What factors do you need to keep in mind during the selection process to ensure you’re investing in the best display? We’ve compiled a helpful guide to steer you through four primary considerations. Keep reading below!


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How to Design Amazing Sound in Your Dedicated Home Theater


High-end audio takes your movie-watching experience from good to unbeatable

There is no great movie-watching experience without great sound. A quality soundscape accounts for at least half of the enjoyment, excitement, and emotional pull we feel while watching movies, TV shows and other types of media. If you’re investing the time, money, and effort into building a dedicated home theater in your Morris County, NJ, home, then high-end audio is essential to get the most value out of your entertainment.

There are a few components every home theater design needs for unparalleled sound. Keep reading to learn what they are.


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3 Ways the Home Theater Experience Surpasses a Commercial Theater


Have an unparalleled movie-watching experience in a custom-designed home theater

The home theater experience comes with plenty of tempting perks — one of which being that you can watch movies in your pajamas. The right home theater design with a large screen, immersive surround sound, lighting control, and comfortable seating easily surpasses the commercial theater experience. If you’re ready to improve your home entertainment, keep reading to learn three reasons why a private home theater is a worthwhile investment for your Westchester, NY home.


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