The Luxurious Living Found in Smart Home Automation

The Luxurious Living Found in Smart Home Automation

Let Savant and Electronic Concepts Fulfill Your Smart Home Dreams

If you’re familiar with smart homes, you understand the ease, convenience, and luxurious lifestyle they offer. Smart automation merges the many distinct systems and electronics in a home and creates a cohesive environment, a space where all aspects work in tandem. 

During the day, your smart shades raise and lower, the lights dim and brighten, and the temperature adjusts, all working together to create the perfect environment. It defines and controls your entertainment, creating Hi-Fi audio throughout every room in your home and immersive 4K video images that captivate you. 

A smart home automation system in your Short Hills, NJ, home controls your security, audio, video, climate, lighting, shades, pool, spa, gates, and almost every other smart device. That’s quite a bit of responsibility. How do you choose an integrator you can trust to create the smart home of your dreams? 

That’s where Savant and Electronic Concepts come in. Electronic Concepts has been in the high-performance audio, video, and home automation space for over 20 years. Early in their inception, they partnered with Savant, one of the fastest-growing home automation platforms in the luxury smart home market.

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