How Savant Delivers an Unprecedented Lighting Control Experience

How Savant Delivers an Unprecedented Lighting Control Experience

Enjoy Greater Comfort, Convenience, and Style with Savant’s Unique Lighting Control 

Smart lighting solutions are extremely popular among homeowners. Since they're so popular, many companies now offer their own lighting control systems. The abundance of options should be great news, but they muddy the waters and make it hard to gauge which is best. 

We work with Savant because they're an established home automation company which means reliable performance, great versatility, and integration with a wide range of devices. Below we showcase some of the features our clients in Short Hills, NJ, love the most about Savant lighting control. 

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4 Fun Things You Can Do Around the House With Lighting Automation


Use Savant lighting control to make your home life more comfortable and convenient

It’s well-established how convenient smart lighting is in modern-day homes. Smart bulbs, switches, plugs, and dimmers make it easy for homeowners to control their home lighting using only a smartphone or voice assistant. 

But your home lighting is capable of much more when integrated with a powerful home automation system like Savant. Whole-house lighting automation enables unlimited opportunities to program and control individual lighting fixtures, groups of fixtures, and multi-room lighting scenes to match your unique needs at home. Are you ready to explore the possibilities in your Bergen County, NJ home? Then keep reading to open your mind to four amazing things you can do around the house with lighting control. 

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New to Home Automation? Begin With These 3 Smart Tech Systems.


Learn our recommendations for automated systems that are perfect for beginners

Smart technology and home automation systems are all the rage these days — and not without good reason. Automating routine tasks in your Morris County, NJ home saves you time and hassle throughout your day-to-day life. Home management becomes a lot more convenient when you can use a smartphone app to adjust the lights, shades, climate, music and more in any room without moving an inch.

If you’re considering adding smart technology or automation to a new construction home, remodel, or retrofit, you may be wondering where to begin. We’ve compiled a guide to the technologies that are fantastic for smart home beginners. Smart lighting, security, and climate systems offer user-friendly controls and scalability to let you grow at your own pace. Keep reading to learn more!

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3 Benefits Your Lighting Control System Should Provide


An Enhanced Home Lighting Setup’s Features

There’s no denying that you can use your lighting control for a variety of situations throughout your Bergen County, NJ home. It can affect and improve every area of your living space. Illuminate an entire area or dim the lighting to add ambiance and a set mood to specific rooms – it’s entirely up to you.

All this is to say that your lighting control system should never detract from your daily lifestyle. The right system is designed with you and your needs in mind and should elevate various elements of your everyday life.

Are you interested in optimizing your lighting system to its fullest capabilities? Keep reading below to see how you can get the most out of your fixtures.


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Optimize Your Home Lighting Control for Your Benefit


Learn This Top Feature to Improve Your Lifestyle

A home lighting control system can illuminate various areas of your Basking Ridge, NJ home, adding convenience and comfort to your daily life. But did you know your system can also elevate other facets of your lifestyle, including your mental and physical health? 

A typical system entails innovative features like “scenes” and one-touch control in order to help you manage your lighting. However, in this blog, we’ll go over another solution you might not realize your lighting system can include – tunable lighting. We’ll dive into how this feature can benefit you every single day.

Want to learn more? Keep reading below. 

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