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Learn This Top Feature to Improve Your Lifestyle

A home lighting control system can illuminate various areas of your Basking Ridge, NJ home, adding convenience and comfort to your daily life. But did you know your system can also elevate other facets of your lifestyle, including your mental and physical health? 

A typical system entails innovative features like “scenes” and one-touch control in order to help you manage your lighting. However, in this blog, we’ll go over another solution you might not realize your lighting system can include – tunable lighting. We’ll dive into how this feature can benefit you every single day.

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Tunable Circadian Lighting

Did you know that the home lighting we surround ourselves in has a significant impact on our physical and mental health? When we go hours – even days – living and working under standard, artificial fluorescent lighting, we often find our bodies and minds craving the natural sunlight. 

This is because our natural circadian rhythm follows the sun – and when we aren’t exposed to it, our rhythm gets thrown off. This leaves us feeling out of whack and off our game. Our mood can shift, and we’ll feel low mentally and energy-wise.

This thrown-off balance also impacts our daily productivity. You might feel slow and lethargic in the morning as you wake up, or like you could run a mile right before you’re supposed to go to bed. This endless cycle only leaves you more tired the next morning and restless the following night. You’re left functioning at a level that simply isn’t healthy.

How Can It Help? 

Tunable lighting is your solution. With this feature, you can adjust your lighting fixtures’ color temperature throughout the day so that it matches exactly what your mind and body need from the real sun. 

Your circadian rhythm can get back into balance when you see colors, hues, and tones that mimic the sun’s natural lighting. Your tunable lighting can make fixtures in your living room emit a warm candlelight glow when you’re about to go to bed – this creates the illusion of a sunset. Then in the morning, that same glow will wake you up gradually just as the sunrise would. You’ll wake up rested, energized, and ready to face the day!

Whiter, bluer lighting is the best for when you need to be productive – which is meant for the duration of the day. With these lighting fixtures on around your desk, in your kitchen, or throughout active spaces in your home, you’ll feel motivated to get things done on your checklist. You can commit to projects at home and feel accomplished, and also feel completely awake and invigorated the entire time you work on things.


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