Save Energy the Smart Way with Savant Home Automation


Learn about the different ways Savant helps your home become more energy-efficient

What are you currently doing to save energy at home? Between the lights, HVAC system, and connected appliances, your house requires significant power consumption to operate smoothly and maintain a comfortable interior environment. And while flipping off lights when you leave a room and turning the thermostat up in an empty house are good first steps, there’s a lot more you could be doing to conserve energy and lower your utility bills. 

home automation system by Savant can help. Savant contains built-in automation features that allow you to accurately control and monitor the energy usage in your Passaic, NJ, house. Keep reading to learn how!

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How to Protect Your Home Automation System from Cyber Threats


Learn our tips for safeguarding your connected home from hackers

In 2019, dozens of homeowners joined forces to file a class-action lawsuit against Amazon Ring for lax security measures that allowed hackers to take over smart video cameras and doorbells. Hackers used their illicit access to threaten and harass people inside their homes.

Unfortunately, cases like these have risen alongside the growing popularity of smart technology and home automation systems connected to the vast Internet of Things (IoT). Hackers who gain access to your smart home can control your connected devices, harass your family, and steal personal data over your home network.

What can you do to protect your Passaic, NJ smart home against hacking and cyberthreats? We have five tips below.

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