What Are the Best High-End Speakers for Your Home?

What Are the Best High-End Speakers for Your Home?

Select the Perfect Model for Any Application with the Help of Our Experts 

Many people reach out to us, whether in person, at our state-of-the-art showroom, or via phone, asking for advice on what high-end speakers to buy. Unfortunately, listening to music or movie soundtracks is a fairly subjective experience. So it isn’t easy to come up with concrete answers. However, leveraging our many years of industry experience, we have some go-to recommendations for diverse applications within the home. 

Here, we outline some top choices for your media room, home theater, or listening room in Bergen County, NJ, but there may be other choices that might work best for you. Ultimately, we always recommend visiting our showroom to hear our models firsthand and see which offers the tonality and depth of sound which best matches your preferences.

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The Top High-End Audio Speakers Every Audiophile Would Love


Enjoy music the way the artist intended with these outstanding Magico speakers!

Music is one of the most inspiring forms of art. With high-end audio speakers, listening to music can become a whole new experience. At Electronic Concepts, we partner with Magico, a world-famous brand leading the audio industry, to provide the highest-quality sound capable of satisfying the discerning ear of an audiophile. 

Keep reading our blog to learn more about three Magico speakers that will elevate your listening experience in Franklin Lakes, NJ.

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The Speakers Engineered to Precision: Magico


Magico Takes a No-Holds-Barred Approach to Speaker Design and Engineering

The first thing you’ll notice when reading an article on Magico speakers is the descriptive phrases, like “relentless force,” “extreme,” and “intimidating.” When their latest flagship speaker, the M9, was introduced in 2020, it certainly stood up to the brand’s reputation. At 1,000 pounds and over 6.5-feet tall, it is Herculean in its presence. At $750,000 a pair, we can definitely say they are the Ferrari of speakers, the crème de la crème. Some say its sound reproduction is as close to true audio as you’ll find.

Fortunately, for audiophiles without million-dollar bank accounts, Magico also produces high-fidelity speakers at an attainable price. Let’s take a look at their product line and see if the world-renowned Magico speakers may be just what your Bergen County, NJ home needs.

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