Bring Hi-Fi Quality to Your Music Streaming


dCS’ Mosaic Platform Provides Easy Access and the Ultimate Audio Quality 

Audiophiles have seen audio reproduction revolutionized over the past decade as streaming became one of the primary ways to enjoy classic recordings and discover new music. Unfortunately, for most of that ‘revolution,’ convenience has taken precedence over quality as most audio files were compressed to be easily streamed over the internet. 

Some of the audio industry’s biggest players have addressed this challenge head-on. dCS, in particular, is dedicated to bringing digital music to the same high standards as its analog forebears. Their digital-analog converters are some of the best in the industry, and all include the company’s Mosaic platform. 

The Mosaic platform delivers a seamless listening experience and unprecedented quality through a trademark combination of hardware and software solutions. As the top dCS dealer serving Westchester, NY, we’d love to show you why it’s a must-have addition for your hi-fi setup.

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Hi-Fi Loudspeakers Spotlight: The Paradigm Founder Series


Paradigm’s Founder Series loudspeakers are the perfect fit for a 2-channel or surround sound setup

Paradigm has been designing, engineering, and crafting high-performance loudspeakers since 1982 in its Toronto, Canada, headquarters. In the 80s, Paradigm’s founders — Jerry VanderMarel and Scott Bagby — pulled together a prestigious team of dedicated audiophiles and sound engineers to build loudspeakers that would deliver pure, lifelike audio in any setting. 

After listening to the Paradigm Founder Series, we feel confident saying they’ve succeeded. The Founder Series includes six speaker models that can be used for a 2-channel or surround sound setup in your Bergen County, NJ, home. Keep reading to learn more about this incredible line of loudspeakers! 

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The Magico S Series: A Triumph of Trickle-Down Speaker Engineering


Magico’s S Series Brings Flagship-Level Technology to an Approachable Level

There’s no question that Magico speakers have earned a well-deserved reputation for pushing the envelope in ultra-high-end speaker technology and design. Not everyone, however, will spend the price of Porsche 911 on a speaker. However, the price of a Honda Civic might not be out of line for a speaker that can provide a superlative audio experience. 

Remember trickle-down economics from the 1980s? The jury is still out on how well that worked for the U.S. economy, but it works quite well for speaker design. The best speaker manufacturers, like Magico, throw everything they have into their flagship models. They experiment with and refine new materials, crossover networks, cabinet design, and other elements which make up great speakers. The flagship models, like the Magico M Series, get the best of everything. Other series down the line sport more approachable pricing but benefit mightily from all the R&D that went into the top tier. 

The Magico S Series is a beneficiary of trickle-down engineering. If you’re looking for an ultra-high-end speaker for your Westchester, NY listening room that doesn’t cost as much as a sports car but arguably delivers the same pleasure, take a closer look at the S Series below. 

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The Best of the Best: The dCS Audio Vivaldi


dCS Vivaldi is Designed to be the Ultimate Listening Experience for Discerning Audiophiles

In the world of high-end audio, just about all the equipment and systems are good. You'd be hard-pressed to find a high-end speaker, amplifier, preamp, or DAC that somehow didn't deliver superior audio performance. You will, however, find differences in frequency response, imaging, presentation, soundstage, and many other factors. Discerning audiophiles, then, tend to look for systems and equipment that deliver the sound with all the detail, texture, and nuance of the original recording. 

That is no mean feat, and you might argue that this is the goal of any high-end audio company. The truth is most of them succeed at delivering an excellent presentation. And some go the extra mile in precision audio engineering to deliver a musical performance with that additional detail, nuance, and texture that makes it more memorable than the rest.

That’s what dCS Audio has done with its Vivaldi system. Using everything they’ve learned over three decades of pioneering products in digital audio, the Vivaldi aims to deliver a musical experience that is – in their words – technically precise and musically profound. As a premier dCS dealer serving Westchester, New York to New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we couldn’t agree more! Learn more about the incomparable dCS Vivaldi system below. 

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A Compilation of the Best Tracks to Test Your Hi-Fi System


These curated song selections will brilliantly showcase the range of your new system

Testing new audio gear — whether you’ve just purchased a new sound system or you’re still window shopping — is the best way to see what a hi-fi system can do in your Morris County, NJ, home. Here’s your chance to evaluate the frequency range, sound quality at each frequency level (high, mid, and bass), rhythm and timing, and the overall performance of a system. 

If you don’t know where to start, we have some resources you can explore to develop your own testing playlist. Use this guide after purchasing a new system, or reference it when you demo our products at the Electronic Concepts hi-fi audio store

Let’s get started! 

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Is 2-Channel Audio the Superior Listening Experience for Music?


Time and time again, stereo systems come out on top among audiophiles

These days, there are so many ways for you to listen to music and other media at home. You can plug a pair of headphones into your laptop or phone, set up wireless Bluetooth speakers in the home office, install in-wall and in-ceiling speakers throughout your Morris County, NJ, house, or wrap yourself in surround sound in a home theater. Or you can stick with the classic: a 2-channel audio system. 

Even as exciting formats like Dolby Atmos surround sound become more popular, many audiophiles return again and again to the high-fidelity experience that a 2-channel system delivers. Keep reading to learn what makes 2-channel audio special. 

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What Makes for the Ultimate Hi-Fi Experience?


An Audiophile’s Paradise Needs More Than Just Hi-Fi Speakers

There’s a lot of overlap between gearheads and audiophiles for a reason. After all, they're both enthusiasts willing to dedicate time and money to get the most out of the things they love. So naturally, there's a lot of similarities between sports cars and hi-fi systems as well. The casual observer is easily distracted by the flashiest bits –the bright color, sleek design, and beautiful roar, be it from an engine or a HiFi speaker.  

However, lifetime enthusiasts in Westchester, NY and beyond know that behind the scenes is where the magic really happens. Your driving experience isn't just about going from 0 to 60 seconds, and your listening experience isn't just about raising the volume up to eleven Spinal Tap style. Instead, designing a top-notch experience is about commitment to quality at each step.

Just like you wouldn't buy a car without sitting in the driver's seat first, we wouldn't expect you to do the same with a hi-fi system. That's why we let you test drive the hi-fi experience in our showroom. But before you visit us, let's take a closer look at what truly makes your favorite recordings shine.

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Learn Why McIntosh Remains a Top Name in High-End Audio


McIntosh has been delivering distinguished home audio systems for over 70 years

Since its founding in 1949, McIntosh has been an industry-leading name in the high-end audio world. The company sells a diverse collection of complete music systems and individual components like speakers, amplifiers, streamers, turntables, and more for discerning audiophiles. Whether you’re looking to set up a dedicated listening room with two-channel audio or boost the sound in your private home theater, McIntosh delivers the high-fidelity sound you are looking for.

Keep reading to explore the world of McIntosh products and gain inspiration for your hi-fi sound system at home in Westchester, NY.


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Hi-Fi Spotlight: dCS Audio for the Detail-Oriented Music Lover


dCS audio systems reproduce high-fidelity music with no detail added or lost

dCS’s story begins in 1987 in Cambridge, England. Mike Story and a group of electronic engineers founded dCS to provide consultancy services to aviation and aerospace companies. They soon gained a reputation as leading experts in signal conversion. After their success in aviation, the dCS team began exploring how signal conversion technology could be applied to digital audio.

Today, dCS audio systems are a recognized leader in high-resolution digital audio playback. Every system is designed and hand-assembled in Cambridge, England, to reproduce extraordinarily detailed and nuanced sound in professional studios and home settings. The company lives by the motto “only the music” to guide its approach to high-fidelity audio reproduction.

Electronic Concepts is proud to announce we’re a premier dCS dealer in New Jersey! Keep reading to learn more about dCS products and find the best fit for your Bergen County, NJ, home.

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How to Prepare for Your Visit to a Hi-Fi Audio Store


Are you ready to find the perfect hi-fi sound system for your home?

Buying a hi-fi sound system isn’t like buying other electronics such as a new TV or smartphone. After researching into the features you want, you could easily order a new television or phone online and be assured of a solid, high-quality experience from your new equipment.

But listening to music is a subjective experience that resonates uniquely with individuals. No speaker specs or measurements can guide you better than your ears when choosing hi-fi audio components. Testing multiple setups in-store is a crucial part of the speaker-buying process. Now, if you’re wondering, “Where can I find a hi-fi audio store near me in Morris County, NJ?”, Electronic Concepts has you covered.

We invite you to visit our state-of-the-art showroom featuring high-end brands like Bowers & Wilkins, Magico Loudspeakers, Anthem, Meridian, Dan D’Agostino, and more. Keep reading to learn what you should come prepared with to make the most of your visit.

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It’s Time to Stop Believing These 3 Hi-Fi Speaker Misconceptions


Let’s unpack some common myths people hear about high-fidelity speakers

High-fidelity speakers are the centerpiece of any hi-fi audio system. There’s a reason music fans and audiophiles skip off-the-shelf speakers in big box stores and turn instead to audio industry leaders like Bowers & Wilkins, Meridian, Anthem, and McIntosh to build out a stellar sound system at home. Hi-fi brands like the ones listed above design their speakers with high-quality materials and sound engineering techniques crafted to draw out the best listening experience from your music.

While there’s a lot of hype about hi-fi speakers, there are also many misconceptions floating around. If you’re considering an investment in hi-fi audio for your Westchester, NY home, make sure you’re not making decisions based on the following myths. Keep reading to learn the facts.

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What Kind of Amplifier Setup Do You Need for Hi-Fi Audio?


Choosing the right amplifier components is crucial for generating amazing sound quality

The amplifier is the driving force behind your hi-fi sound system. Traditional hi-fi systems are built with passive speakers — i.e., speakers that don’t generate their own power. An amplifier, much like it sounds, amplifies audio signals to drive sound through the speakers. Today, you have a few choices for amplification: a separates system with a preamp and amp or an integrated amp setup.

In the not-too-distant past, this blog topic wasn’t even a point of discussion in the AV world. That’s because audiophiles were adamant that the only way to obtain true hi-fi audio was to build a system with a preamplifier, power amplifier, and set of hi-fi speakers. However, as integrated amps have improved, the thinking has shifted.

Keep reading for a more in-depth look at both choices to help you decide which setup is best for your home sound system in Bergen County, NJ.


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Choosing Hi-Fi: Why You Should Always Try Before You Buy


Visit our showroom to experience hi-fi before making a final purchase 

Choosing to upgrade your home’s sound to a hi-fi audio system is a significant financial and emotional investment. Compared to off-the-rack sound systems from big box stores, hi-fi audio is the closest you can get to replicating the experience of listening to live music as it’s being recorded. High-fidelity sound can bring more joy and pleasure to listening to music at home. 

Before purchasing a system, you’re probably doing a lot of research to read reviews, compare brands, and finalize a budget. But online research can only take you so far. Next, you need to be asking yourself: where can I find a hi-fi audio store near me in Morris County, NJ? At Electronic Concepts, we highly recommend visiting our state-of-the-art showroom to test hi-fi systems for yourself before making a final purchase. Learn four reasons why you should always try before you buy!  

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