Bring Hi-Fi Quality to Your Music Streaming


dCS’ Mosaic Platform Provides Easy Access and the Ultimate Audio Quality 

Audiophiles have seen audio reproduction revolutionized over the past decade as streaming became one of the primary ways to enjoy classic recordings and discover new music. Unfortunately, for most of that ‘revolution,’ convenience has taken precedence over quality as most audio files were compressed to be easily streamed over the internet. 

Some of the audio industry’s biggest players have addressed this challenge head-on. dCS, in particular, is dedicated to bringing digital music to the same high standards as its analog forebears. Their digital-analog converters are some of the best in the industry, and all include the company’s Mosaic platform. 

The Mosaic platform delivers a seamless listening experience and unprecedented quality through a trademark combination of hardware and software solutions. As the top dCS dealer serving Westchester, NY, we’d love to show you why it’s a must-have addition for your hi-fi setup.

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How to Get the New dCS APEX Upgrade


Your Local DCS Dealer Helps You Access the Company’s Latest Offering

In March 2022, dCS announced the release of the new APEX hardware upgrade, which improved the Ring DAC’s circuit board and analog output stage. This included improvements to the reference supply, replacing transistors and adjusting the overall layout. The result is reduced distortion, greater linearity and measured sound improvement. 

Are you interested in enhancing your existing dCS equipment with the latest APEX upgrade? As the go-to dCS dealer in Bergen County, NJ, we can help! Below is more information on how to get the new hardware upgrade added to your dCS products. 

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APEX: Explore the Latest dCS DAC Upgrade


Enjoy Enhanced Performance from Your Digital Audio 

As one of the top hi-fi audio companies in Morris County, NJ, it’s our mission to provide the best possible sonic experience for our clients. As certified dealers for some of the top brands in the audio industry, we get first access to many new features and products. So, we believe informing our customers when new products and technologies become available is a big part of our job. It’s one of the things that differentiates us from run-of-the-mill retail stores. 

With that in mind, as dCS dealers, we recently learned of a brand-new hardware upgrade that will significantly improve the performance of the company’s music systems. Available starting in March 2022, the dCS Ring DAC APEX allows for a greater range of sound and enhanced musical performance from the company’s digital-analog converters. 

While this new version of the Ring DAC will be available in all future dCS products, there is also a hardware and software upgrade available for those that already own the legacy products. 

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The Best of the Best: The dCS Audio Vivaldi


dCS Vivaldi is Designed to be the Ultimate Listening Experience for Discerning Audiophiles

In the world of high-end audio, just about all the equipment and systems are good. You'd be hard-pressed to find a high-end speaker, amplifier, preamp, or DAC that somehow didn't deliver superior audio performance. You will, however, find differences in frequency response, imaging, presentation, soundstage, and many other factors. Discerning audiophiles, then, tend to look for systems and equipment that deliver the sound with all the detail, texture, and nuance of the original recording. 

That is no mean feat, and you might argue that this is the goal of any high-end audio company. The truth is most of them succeed at delivering an excellent presentation. And some go the extra mile in precision audio engineering to deliver a musical performance with that additional detail, nuance, and texture that makes it more memorable than the rest.

That’s what dCS Audio has done with its Vivaldi system. Using everything they’ve learned over three decades of pioneering products in digital audio, the Vivaldi aims to deliver a musical experience that is – in their words – technically precise and musically profound. As a premier dCS dealer serving Westchester, New York to New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we couldn’t agree more! Learn more about the incomparable dCS Vivaldi system below. 

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Listen to All Your Digital Music in Near-Perfect Fidelity With dCS


dCS systems preserve the unique colors, textures, intonations, and expressions of your favorite songs

Over the past few decades, digital music sources like CDs and streaming platforms have overtaken analog sources like vinyl records. And while the debate among audiophiles over the quality of analog versus digital sources rages on, most of us can admit we enjoy the convenience of thousands of songs at our disposal on internet streaming services.

If having a sound system that supports high-fidelity digital audio is right up your alley, look no further than dCS. dCS’s pioneering Ring DAC, digital processing platform, and clocking technologies combine to reproduce digital audio with near-perfect fidelity and detail.

Electronic Concepts is a proud dCS dealer in Bergen County, NJ. Keep reading to learn how you can enjoy all your favorite music with a dCS audio system.

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