3 Ways to Customize Savant for a Better Smart Home Experience


Explore how to personalize your Savant control system for your unique home needs

Savant delivers a single-app smart home experience to give you the unparalleled convenience and ease of controlling your entertainment, lighting, shading, climate, and security from a single, user-friendly interface on your smartphone or tablet.

Within the Savant Pro app, you have unlimited options for personalizing your settings and devices to reflect your unique lifestyle, habits, and routines. Keep reading to learn three ways you can personalize your Savant control system to experience smarter living in your Morris County, NJ, home.

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6 Scenes Your Savant Smart Home Should Have


What can your Westchester home do for you to make your days easier?

The purpose of home automation is to make your home technology more accessible, more manageable, and more convenient to use. Automation redefines the way you interact with your home, and no feature illustrates that better than the ability to build custom, automated scenes with your smart devices.

Scenes simplify your daily tasks and home management routines. Keep reading to learn more about creating scenes with Savant home automation in your Westchester, NY home.

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Why You Should Go With Professional Smart Home Installation


Ensure You’re Getting the Full Potential Out of Your Smart Home Technology

Every day it seems a brand-new smart device hits the market promising to transform your lifestyle. At first, you see great results from the few things you add. Eventually, the dreaded tech clutter begins with various symptoms. There are the ten apps to get through the day, the bird’s nest of wires behind the television or the increasingly faulty network connection in your Westchester, NY home. 

Often, the problem isn’t having too much technology, but not implementing it correctly. Not only do you need to make sure your new smart devices work together efficiently, but that whatever you bring in doesn't overpower your décor or network. Getting the most out of your technology requires a professional smart home installation for five primary reasons that we outline below.

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