Complete Your Luxury Home Theater with Bowers & Wilkins Sound


The B&W CT800 surround sound system in your home theater is guaranteed to delight

Stunning, lifelike visuals are only one half of the equation for creating an awe-inspiring experience in your home theater — high-fidelity surround sound is the other half. A film’s visuals are what draw your eye, but it’s the audio that pulls you into the fast-paced action scenes, high-tension suspense scenes, and dramatic monologues from your favorite characters.

Bowers & Wilkins is a well-known name in high-performance audio. The brand’s custom theater solutions are designed to deliver extraordinarily accurate sound in an enveloping soundscape that brings your movies to life. Keep reading to learn more about bringing B&W CT800 loudspeakers into your Bergen County, NJ, luxury home theater system.


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