How to Find the Right Subwoofer for Your High-End Speakers


JL Audio Offers High-Performance Models to Match Any System 

Pairing your high-end speakers with the right subwoofers means the difference between a good hi-fi setup and a great one. Unfortunately, searching for subwoofers can sometimes seem like a wild goose chase. You may feel the need to sacrifice power to get the sound quality you want or settle for a smaller subwoofer to meet your aesthetic needs. 

The good news is JL Audio’s powered and in-wall subwoofers offer many options that ensure you don’t have to sacrifice at any point. Instead, you can focus on finding just the right product for your space. As the top hi-fi dealer in Franklin Lake, NJ, we wanted to summarize the features that matter most. When you’re ready to dive into your search, we recommend visiting our state-of-the-art showroom to test some of these models firsthand.

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Experience Earth-Shattering Bass Without The Clutter


Explore JL Audio’s In-Wall Subwoofer Models

Often when we talk to clients, they worry about choosing between quality and style when it comes to their home audio–whether it be surround sound or two-channel. Subwoofers get a particularly bad reputation since they lack the style of some of their high-end loudspeaker counterparts and can look like big black boxes in the corner of a room.

The good news is there are a lot of high-performance subwoofers that can be hidden within walls while still packing a strong punch. In particular, we often recommend JL Audio in-wall subwoofers for our clients throughout Bergen County, NJ. 

JL Audio crafted a Fathom line of in-wall subwoofers through thin-line drivers and purposeful engineering that delivers unrivaled low-frequency extension and dynamics. Manufactured with two in-wall cabinets, a rack-mountable amplifier and an outboard, these IWS System subwoofers don’t lose any of their in-room counterparts’ power and signal processing.

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How to Avoid Common In-Wall Subwoofer Problems


A High-End Brand and Professional Installation Make All the Difference 

Over the years, in-wall subwoofers have gotten a reputation for being a subpar solution. Not only is it hard to find an appropriate placement for them, but often they don’t quite pack the punch of their in-room counterparts. Though we’ve seen our share of problems in past installations, they usually stem from using the wrong products or installing them incorrectly. 

In-wall subwoofers work well in your home theater or media room when you use high-end brands in conjunction with experienced installers. In this blog, we highlight some of the ways we successfully integrate in-wall subwoofers into our projects throughout Morris County, NJ. 

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