The Meridian Difference: High-End Speakers for Every Listener

The Meridian Difference: High-End Speakers for Every Listener

Capture Authentic and Lifelike Sound Right in Your Home

When shopping for new speakers, sound quality is probably the main thing you’re looking for. You don’t want speakers that distort music or downplay the intricate details in each song. The artist spent time carefully crafting their songs, and you should be able to hear them exactly how they intended.

Meridian Audio created the world's first active home loudspeaker in 1977, and they continue raising the bar in audio performance. Meridian’s high-end speakers allow you to capture lifelike and encompassing sound right in your Short Hills, NJ, home. Since that first speaker, Meridian has continued studying sound and expanding its knowledge to bring bigger and better sound to homes across the world. Keep reading to see what makes Meridian special and how its speakers can transform the entertainment in your home.

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Check Out Our Hi-Fi Audio Store to Elevate Your Home Soundscape


We’ve Got Your High-End Audio Needs Covered!

Have you been searching for the Hi-Fi audio store near you to offer the right AV solutions and services for your Morris County, NJ home’s soundscape? Look no further: Electronic Concepts delivers high-end audio systems and products that will integrate seamlessly with your home audio setup and elevate it to a new level entirely.

Our expertise and insights on everything regarding the home audio industry will guide your whole installation process, ensuring that you receive the audio solutions and setup you had envisioned all along. So come check out our store and read on below to learn more about our top-notch services!

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Fall in Love with Your Music and Movies with Meridian Speakers


Meridian has a robust product line-up to help you create the home audio system of your dreams

Meridian is a dominating brand in active loudspeaker technology. The company creates complete home audio systems — including speakers, amplifiers, DACs, streamers, and more — using digital signal processing (DSP) technologies to reproduce clean, accurate, high-fidelity sound. 

Meridian’s high-performance products allow you to fall in love with your music and movies wherever you are in your Bergen County, NJ, home. The brand has a wide-ranging product line-up for a variety of listening environments. Keep reading to learn how to use Meridian speakers to bring your songs and soundtracks to life! 

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Listen to Studio-Quality Audio at Home With Meridian Loudspeakers


Learn how a Meridian audio system will take your music, movies, and TV shows to the next level

So, it’s time to install or upgrade the audio in your Westchester, NY, home. The problem is that there are so many different hi-fi brands to choose from, system setups to consider, and budgetary and space needs to meet.

Today, we’re breaking down a top brand name that offers a modern route to high-fidelity sound. Meridian audio systems and active loudspeakers use innovative digital technologies to deliver stunningly lifelike and authentic audio in your home spaces. In addition, the brand provides complete, matched systems that can be used in multiple applications to meet all your home audio needs. Keep reading to learn more about upgrading your listening experience with Meridian!

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Meridian Audio: The Pioneers of High-Resolution Sound


Take a closer look at Meridian Audio’s hi-fi systems for exceptional home audio

Meridian Audio was founded in 1977 and was among the first audio manufacturers to introduce high-end active loudspeakers to the market. Meridian is also credited with designing and releasing the first audiophile-quality CD player and first digital sound processor.

Since its founding, Meridian has wowed audiophiles in Westchester, NY and worldwide with home cinema and hi-fi systems that deliver sound in exceptionally rich detail and clarity. In particular, Meridian active loudspeakers with digital signal processing (DSP) are revered for processing and transmitting audio signals with unmatched fidelity.

Keep reading to learn more about Meridian’s DSP loudspeakers.  

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