dCS Digital Playback Systems Change the Way You Listen to Sound


Forewarning: Once You Hear These Systems, There’s No Going Back

Have you been considering upgrading your home audio system? If so, you’ve come to the right place. The technicians and engineers at Electronic Concepts are hi-fi and home automation experts. This unusual combination means they are uniquely positioned to design and install whole-home audio, home theaters, and media rooms that produce the highest performance in sound and video.

To accomplish this, we partner with industry-leading brands. One of these companies is dCS. dCS speakers and digital playback systems deliver an unrivaled sense of music realism. Let’s see what their music systems can do for your home in Westchester, NY.


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Listen to All Your Digital Music in Near-Perfect Fidelity With dCS


dCS systems preserve the unique colors, textures, intonations, and expressions of your favorite songs

Over the past few decades, digital music sources like CDs and streaming platforms have overtaken analog sources like vinyl records. And while the debate among audiophiles over the quality of analog versus digital sources rages on, most of us can admit we enjoy the convenience of thousands of songs at our disposal on internet streaming services.

If having a sound system that supports high-fidelity digital audio is right up your alley, look no further than dCS. dCS’s pioneering Ring DAC, digital processing platform, and clocking technologies combine to reproduce digital audio with near-perfect fidelity and detail.

Electronic Concepts is a proud dCS dealer in Bergen County, NJ. Keep reading to learn how you can enjoy all your favorite music with a dCS audio system.

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