Why Savant is the Go-To Automation Platform for Luxury Homes

Why Savant is the Go-To Automation Platform for Luxury Homes

Experience the Best Savant Offers from a Savant Platinum Dealer and Ambassador

Many of our clients are luxury homeowners who want to retain their home’s graceful architectural design while integrating the latest smart home technology that makes life easier and more enjoyable. To accomplish this, we partner with Savant, the leading home automation platform for luxury estates. 

Let's explore what makes this brand compatible with these homeowners and the benefits of working with a Platinum Savant Dealer in Short Hills, NJ.

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Don’t Miss Out on Experiencing the Best-in-Class Brands in Hi-Fi Audio


Visit our North NJ Showroom Where You’ll Find Brands Like B&W, Magico, and Many More

At Electronic Concepts, we specialize in home automation, home theater, and whole-home audio. Within these areas, we incorporate easy-to-use high-fidelity audio and high-performance video. We’ve been recognized by HTA as one of the best AV firms in the USA, in part due to our combined experience as luxury smart home integrators and hi-fi experts.

Of course, we know that each person is influenced differently by the music and audio they listen to and the equipment they prefer. However, almost all listeners consistently stand by their brand of choice and are hesitant to try new audio equipment. For this reason, and many more, we opened up the only hi-fi showroom in North NJ where customers from Westchester, NY, and the surrounding areas can experience high-end audio and video first hand. 

You’ll listen to hi-fi equipment from brands like Bowers & Wilkens, Magico, Dan D’Agostino, Lyngdorf, Meridian, McIntosh, and more. Experience our gaming room and home theater and, while you’re there, we’ll introduce you to today’s smart home technology. 

You can read about the different features, benefits, and drawbacks between all the major hi-fi players, but nothing compares to listening to the sound that emerges from their equipment.

At the core of all the brands and speakers we demonstrate in our showroom lies their incredible performance due to their research and development efforts (R&D), craftsmanship, material choices, and engineering. These are the best of the best, with many producing proprietary custom technology that makes their products unique. For this reason, each manufacturer brings something different to the table.

Yes, hi-fi audio can be expensive. However, keep in mind that as brands continue their R&D, they pass the high-end technical features down their audio line. So often, purchasing these brands' third-best speakers is much better than other brands' top-of-the-line.

Let's look at a few brands that call our showroom home. 

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5 Cool Things You Can Do with a Savant Control System


Program your Savant home to respond to the way you live

Home automation is one of the coolest technological advances our society has made within the past few decades. Isn’t it neat to think that with the right programming, you can control almost every electronic device in your Westchester, NY, house with a smartphone?

Living in an automated home powered by a Savant control system offers you unlimited possibilities for shaping your home to respond intuitively to the way you live. Keep reading to learn five fun things you can do with Savant home automation!


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3 Ways to Customize Savant for a Better Smart Home Experience


Explore how to personalize your Savant control system for your unique home needs

Savant delivers a single-app smart home experience to give you the unparalleled convenience and ease of controlling your entertainment, lighting, shading, climate, and security from a single, user-friendly interface on your smartphone or tablet.

Within the Savant Pro app, you have unlimited options for personalizing your settings and devices to reflect your unique lifestyle, habits, and routines. Keep reading to learn three ways you can personalize your Savant control system to experience smarter living in your Morris County, NJ, home.

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3 Benefits of Installing Smart Lighting During A New Home Construction


Save time and money by incorporating smart lighting into the initial home design

Lighting should never be an afterthought in a new home design. Every house has different lighting requirements, and addressing the lighting layout in the new construction phase ensures that the functional and aesthetic needs are met when the house is complete.

Incorporating smart lighting control into the initial home design offers multiple benefits for design-build professionals and homeowners alike. Architects and builders will save time, money, and labor by working with a smart lighting expert from the beginning of a project. And homeowners will benefit from the flexibility and convenience that lighting control brings to their lifestyle.

Keep reading to learn three benefits of installing lighting control during the new construction phase of Bergen County, NJ, homes. 

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3 Must-Have Solutions for Luxury Smart Home Design


Learn how smart technology enhances the beauty, convenience, and functionality of luxury homes

In today’s modern homes, luxury and technology go hand in hand. Advancements in smart technology and automation have made homes smarter, more responsive, and more enjoyable to live in than ever before. At the same time, design features like hidden technology and custom craftsmanship allow homeowners to add more tech to their homes without disrupting gorgeous architecture and interior design. 

An expertly designed and integrated luxury smart home flawlessly marries beauty and function. Whether you are a homeowner who wants to upgrade your home’s technology or an interior designer that wants to impress your clients by partnering with an integrator, keep reading to learn three must-have smart solutions to create exceptional living experiences in Bergen County, NJ, homes.

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4 Fun Things You Can Do Around the House With Lighting Automation


Use Savant lighting control to make your home life more comfortable and convenient

It’s well-established how convenient smart lighting is in modern-day homes. Smart bulbs, switches, plugs, and dimmers make it easy for homeowners to control their home lighting using only a smartphone or voice assistant. 

But your home lighting is capable of much more when integrated with a powerful home automation system like Savant. Whole-house lighting automation enables unlimited opportunities to program and control individual lighting fixtures, groups of fixtures, and multi-room lighting scenes to match your unique needs at home. Are you ready to explore the possibilities in your Bergen County, NJ home? Then keep reading to open your mind to four amazing things you can do around the house with lighting control. 

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3 Ways Savant Home Automation Will Change Your Life for the Better


Call your local Savant dealer to discuss the perfect smart solutions for your home

Home automation brings so many small conveniences into your life — you can change the temperature in your room with a voice command, pull up Netflix on the TV with the tap of a button, and automate lights to turn on and off at the same time every day.

But take a step back, and you’ll realize that a Savant automation system in your Westchester, NY, home also benefits your finances, wellness, comfort, and time management — some of the things that contribute to an overall better life. As a long-time Savant dealer in the area, we’ve seen the positive impact home automation has had on our clients’ lifestyles and could have on yours! So keep reading to learn three ways Savant automation will change your life for the better.

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Why Automation Is a Must-Have for Your Home Theater System


Savant home automation lets you control the entire theater experience from a single interface

What’s most important to you in a dedicated home theater? While everyone may have a different response to this question, we bet that high-quality audio/video, easy access and management, and comfort top the list for many homeowners. We have some resources to help you design amazing sound and choose the best display for your Westchester, NY cinema.

If easy management and comfort are important to you, home automation is a must-have in your home theater system. Integrating all the components in your theater into a centralized operating system like Savant allows you to create and save customized settings and control the entire room from your seat. Keep reading to learn three reasons why you need theater room automation.


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What Does a Day with Smart Lighting Control Look Like?


Find out how one-touch control brings more comfort and convenience to your daily routines

Changing the lighting in your home should be more than a means to an end. With smart lighting control by Savant, you have endless ways to adjust the lighting in your home to feel more comfortable, set a specific mood, and make your daily life easier. Savant + USAI lighting fixtures use innovative color technology to bring tunable white light, warm dimming, natural dynamic lighting, and infinite color capabilities into your home.

Let home lighting control set the pace of your day from first light to lights out in Morris County, NJ. Keep reading to learn what a day in the life with lighting control looks like.

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Find The Perfect Hi-Fi System For Your Home


Explore and interact with hi-fi audio systems, a home theater, smart lighting control and more

Where can I find a hi-fi audio store near me in Westchester, NY? If you’re looking for an answer, look no further than Electronic Concepts. We’re a luxury smart home and hi-fi expert serving clients in New York and surrounding states. Our specialty is finding you the right home technologies that fit your budget, lifestyle, and quality expectations.

That’s especially true when it comes to audio systems. We’re passionate about helping everyone from music-lovers to dedicated audiophiles gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the music they love. Before you invest in a hi-fi audio system, visit our showroom to see the latest audio technologies, listen to music for yourself, and speak to our experts.

Keep reading to learn the hi-fi solutions you can demo in our state-of-the-art showroom! 


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3 Ways to Utilize Voice Commands in Your Home


Make Controlling Your Home Automation System Easier than Ever 

If you have a smart home automation system, then you might already use a variety of different devices to control it. From remotes, wall keypads, tablets, or even your own smartphone, there are so many ways to operate your system. But have you considered your voice is the most convenient one of them all?

Imagine saying a few words, and your entire smart home responds accordingly. With a top-notch voice command feature, you’ll never have to reach for a smart device again. Find out more about the benefits of voice control by reading on below!

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