Fall in Love with Your Music and Movies with Meridian Speakers


Meridian has a robust product line-up to help you create the home audio system of your dreams

Meridian is a dominating brand in active loudspeaker technology. The company creates complete home audio systems — including speakers, amplifiers, DACs, streamers, and more — using digital signal processing (DSP) technologies to reproduce clean, accurate, high-fidelity sound. 

Meridian’s high-performance products allow you to fall in love with your music and movies wherever you are in your Bergen County, NJ, home. The brand has a wide-ranging product line-up for a variety of listening environments. Keep reading to learn how to use Meridian speakers to bring your songs and soundtracks to life! 

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Experience High-End Audio Throughout Your Home


Iconic Brands Deliver High-Fidelity Sound Through In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers

Is a film’s soundscape as important to you as the lifelike images derived from the best 4K OLED TV screens? Is the sound of a soft breeze or a tinkling brook as important as the chase scene that ends in a thunderous collision? And do you want high-fidelity sound filling your home through your distributed audio system?

If you’re like many of our clients and all of our team, the answer to those questions is an emphatic “Yes!” The good news is that you can experience high-end audio throughout your home, including your media room or home theater, without requiring the floorstanding or tower speakers known for delivering the big, full sound.

Yes, you can retain your home’s aesthetics and design in Bergen County, NJ, while experiencing the best the audio world has to offer. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

At Electronic Concepts, we partner with the industry leaders in music reproduction. As whole-home audio and home theaters have transformed the home’s entertainment and audio landscape, these iconic brands have adapted their workhorse, floorstanding speakers into architectural speakers that produce hi-fi sound. Let’s look at a few companies making a name for themselves in this growing market.

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A Compilation of the Best Tracks to Test Your Hi-Fi System


These curated song selections will brilliantly showcase the range of your new system

Testing new audio gear — whether you’ve just purchased a new sound system or you’re still window shopping — is the best way to see what a hi-fi system can do in your Morris County, NJ, home. Here’s your chance to evaluate the frequency range, sound quality at each frequency level (high, mid, and bass), rhythm and timing, and the overall performance of a system. 

If you don’t know where to start, we have some resources you can explore to develop your own testing playlist. Use this guide after purchasing a new system, or reference it when you demo our products at the Electronic Concepts hi-fi audio store

Let’s get started! 

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Is 2-Channel Audio the Superior Listening Experience for Music?


Time and time again, stereo systems come out on top among audiophiles

These days, there are so many ways for you to listen to music and other media at home. You can plug a pair of headphones into your laptop or phone, set up wireless Bluetooth speakers in the home office, install in-wall and in-ceiling speakers throughout your Morris County, NJ, house, or wrap yourself in surround sound in a home theater. Or you can stick with the classic: a 2-channel audio system. 

Even as exciting formats like Dolby Atmos surround sound become more popular, many audiophiles return again and again to the high-fidelity experience that a 2-channel system delivers. Keep reading to learn what makes 2-channel audio special. 

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New Product Spotlight: The Perlisten S7t Tower Speaker


Perlisten speakers will take you to a place where it’s only you and the music

Perlisten only made its U.S. debut in 2021 but is already wowing the music industry with an incredible product line and proprietary speaker design and technologies. Founded by a group of audiophile engineers with prior experience at industry-leading audio companies, Perlisten is positioned to rank alongside the best of the best in high-end audio over the next several years. 

At Electronic Concepts, we have the Perlisten S7t tower speaker on display in our state-of-the-art showroom. We are the ONLY company within 300 miles of the Westchester, NY, area with Perlisten speakers, so don’t miss out on your chance to visit our showroom and listen to a demo! 

But first, keep reading to learn more about the new kid on the block. 

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Experience the Ultimate Surround Sound System


B&W Takes the 360-Degree Soundstage to the Next Level

British-based Bowers & Wilkins developed an early reputation as designers, engineers, and builders of some of the best hi-fi speakers in the world. Today, that reputation still stands as audiophiles save up to purchase their top high-performance speakers that some define as legendary.

Their 800 Diamond Series delivers the pinnacle of hi-fi performance. These are the speakers you’ll find in recording studios around the world. So, you may wonder, why are we highlighting their 600 Series? One reason is their price point. The 600 Series offers incredible value.

The second reason is that as B&W continues in their engineering milestones and innovative “firsts,” they hand down their trademark secrets to the more affordable products. The 600 series incorporates many technologies from their premier series, including the Continuum cone mid/bass driver for perfect midrange sounds and the low distortion Decoupled Double Dome tweeter. These high-performance technologies are found in affordable cabinets.

In essence, while the 600 series is considered B&W’s entry-level system, it performs better than many other brands' top-of-the-line systems.

Even better? This system happens to make the perfect B&W surround sound system for your Bergen County, NJ home.

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Deliver High-Fidelity Audio Throughout Your Home with a B&W Speaker System


The B&W 700 Series Makes High-Tech Audio Affordable 

Have you been coveting a B&W speaker system in your Bergen County-area home for some time? Audiophiles worldwide considerer Bowers & Wilkens one of the best brands on the market, and legendary studios with a long list of famous recordings agree.  

Skywalker Sound is Lucasfilm's music recording, sound effects, and mixing division. Abbey Road Studios is a world-famous recording studio that has mastered or re-mastered music from The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Aretha Franklin. They’ve also scored music for films such as the Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Harry Potter series, and The Shape of Water. So, what do these two studios have in common? They both use B&W 800 Series speakers.

 For those seeking the best-of-the-best in high-fidelity audio, B&W’s 800 series speakers deliver unrivaled sound. Of course, they come with a significant price tag. There’s a reason they call it the Diamond series. In addition to being a cut-above other brands, they also utilize diamonds, yes, actual diamonds, in the design of their Decoupled Double Dome tweeter. Their engineers did not hold back when creating their top-end, unsurpassed speakers.

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Meridian Audio Review: The Reference Series Loudspeakers


The Reference Series represents the pinnacle of Meridian’s loudspeaker design and development

There’s a reason why Meridian is widely regarded as a pioneer in British audio products. The company consistently pours time, money, and resources into new research and sound engineering techniques to produce high-performance speakers that outshine the competition. Meridian’s innovative spirit led to their invention of MQA and masterful use of digital signal processing (DSP) technology in high-end active loudspeakers.

The Reference Series of Meridian speakers is the pinnacle of the company’s loudspeaker design and development. If you’re interested in bringing Meridian into your Westchester, NY, home, keep reading to learn what the Reference Series loudspeakers bring to the table.

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Magico Audio Spotlight: A Look at the M-Series Loudspeakers


The M-Series introduced all-new methodologies and materials into Magico’s award-winning loudspeakers

The M-Series loudspeakers were born out of the M Project, an important footnote in Magico’s history. In 2014, Magico designed and launched a limited-edition loudspeaker that would redefine the way the company engineered loudspeakers from there on out. The groundbreaking M Project is a three-way, five-driver floorstanding speaker featuring a new tweeter design, new 10” bass drivers, and a newly designed curved shape to minimize resonances.

The M Project was a huge success. When it launched, Magico speakers were already well-known for their incredibly accurate, low-distortion playback. But the M Project delivered above and beyond accuracy — the sound was richer, fuller, more lifelike, and overwhelmingly authentic.

Eventually, components from the M Project were used to build Magico’s acclaimed M-Series loudspeakers. Keep reading to learn more about what the Magico M3 and M6 speakers would look and sound like in your Westchester, NY, home.

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Listen to Studio-Quality Audio at Home With Meridian Loudspeakers


Learn how a Meridian audio system will take your music, movies, and TV shows to the next level

So, it’s time to install or upgrade the audio in your Westchester, NY, home. The problem is that there are so many different hi-fi brands to choose from, system setups to consider, and budgetary and space needs to meet.

Today, we’re breaking down a top brand name that offers a modern route to high-fidelity sound. Meridian audio systems and active loudspeakers use innovative digital technologies to deliver stunningly lifelike and authentic audio in your home spaces. In addition, the brand provides complete, matched systems that can be used in multiple applications to meet all your home audio needs. Keep reading to learn more about upgrading your listening experience with Meridian!

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Discover Magico’s A-List Celebrities: The A3 and A5 Hi-Fi Speakers


Magico’s floorstanding speakers are the cream of the crop for hi-fi audio

Magico loudspeakers have been making a name for themselves for over 17 years. Easily some of the hottest and most talked about products on the hi-fi market, Magico speakers are revered for their high-quality design, scientifically backed sound engineering techniques, and impressive, full-range performance.

The A Series is one of Magico’s newer product lines and includes two floorstanding loudspeakers — the A3 and the A5 — that are garnering a lot of attention in the high-end audio world. This year, Stereophile magazine announced that the Magico A5 won the best loudspeaker and product award. Keep reading to learn more about Magico speakers and envision how they would sound in your Westchester, NY, home.


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Active Vs. Passive: Which Type of Speaker Is Best for Two-Channel Audio?


Learn the pros and cons of each before making a final decision

The quality of active versus passive speakers for two-channel audio systems is a long-running debate among passionate audiophiles. And like most debates over the performance assessment of one type of speaker compared to another, there is no “right” answer.

The best type of speaker for your Morris County, NJ, home audio system depends on many factors, including space constraints, music preferences, and specific system needs. Let’s look at the pros, cons, and best-practice usages for active and passive hi-fi speakers.

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2 Hi-Fi Speaker Types for High Performance Audio Systems


We’ll help you choose the right pair of speakers for your hi-fi setup at home

It probably goes without saying, but speakers are one of the most important (if not the most important) components of a high performance audio system. Before choosing the right pair for your setup at home, it helps to understand the types of speakers available.

In the blog post below, we’ll outline the two primary design models for hi-fi speakers and explain the most practical uses for each. We hope our guide helps point you in the right direction for your Bergen County, NJ, home audio system!

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See What We Have to Offer in Our State-of-the-Art Hi-Fi Showroom


Listen to a selection of hi-fi audio systems to find the perfect fit for your home

Your journey to a high-quality home audio system starts in our hi-fi showroom in Bergen County, NJ. Our experts have spent years designing and installing high-fidelity two-channel, whole house, private listening room, and home theater systems for homes just like yours. When you visit our audio store, you’ll have the chance to speak with our team, browse our selection, and demo sound systems for yourself.

Keep reading to learn more about a few of the hi-fi brands on display in our state-of-the-art showroom.   

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How to Approach Buying a Hi-Fi Audio System for Your Home


Keep these considerations in mind as you’re shopping around

A hi-fi sound system can bring more joy, depth, and vibrancy to the way you listen to your favorite music. It’s an exciting purchase for your Bergen County, NJ, home and one that you shouldn’t make rashly. Before sinking an investment into expensive custom electronics, take the time to do your research, consult the experts at a hi-fi audio store, and determine what you need to build the sound system of your dreams.

If you’re ready to start, read on to learn four considerations to keep top of mind as you approach a purchasing decision.

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Meridian Audio: The Pioneers of High-Resolution Sound


Take a closer look at Meridian Audio’s hi-fi systems for exceptional home audio

Meridian Audio was founded in 1977 and was among the first audio manufacturers to introduce high-end active loudspeakers to the market. Meridian is also credited with designing and releasing the first audiophile-quality CD player and first digital sound processor.

Since its founding, Meridian has wowed audiophiles in Westchester, NY and worldwide with home cinema and hi-fi systems that deliver sound in exceptionally rich detail and clarity. In particular, Meridian active loudspeakers with digital signal processing (DSP) are revered for processing and transmitting audio signals with unmatched fidelity.

Keep reading to learn more about Meridian’s DSP loudspeakers.  

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It’s Time to Stop Believing These 3 Hi-Fi Speaker Misconceptions


Let’s unpack some common myths people hear about high-fidelity speakers

High-fidelity speakers are the centerpiece of any hi-fi audio system. There’s a reason music fans and audiophiles skip off-the-shelf speakers in big box stores and turn instead to audio industry leaders like Bowers & Wilkins, Meridian, Anthem, and McIntosh to build out a stellar sound system at home. Hi-fi brands like the ones listed above design their speakers with high-quality materials and sound engineering techniques crafted to draw out the best listening experience from your music.

While there’s a lot of hype about hi-fi speakers, there are also many misconceptions floating around. If you’re considering an investment in hi-fi audio for your Westchester, NY home, make sure you’re not making decisions based on the following myths. Keep reading to learn the facts.

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6 Tips for Optimal Placement of Your Hi-Fi Speakers


Proper speaker positioning has a dramatic effect on overall sound quality

When a hi-fi audio system isn’t delivering the quality you expected, you may be quick to blame the system components. But if you’ve selected high-performance speakers, purchased a robust power amp, and carved out a dedicated listening space in your Westchester, NY home, perhaps the problem is something else.

All too often, homeowners overlook the importance of correct speaker positioning in their hi-fi setup. While every system is different, we have some general guidelines you can follow to ensure your speakers are in place to deliver the best listening experience possible. Keep reading for our six tips!

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3 Factors That Have the Biggest Impact on Hi-Fi Sound Quality


Turn your focus to these areas to coax the best sound from your system

Most people invest in a hi-fi sound system to listen to music the way it was meant to be heard in the recording studio. But getting to that point requires more than unboxing a pair of speakers, plugging them in, and blasting music through them.

A hi-fi audio setup requires strategic design and installation to achieve optimal sound quality in your Passaic, NJ, home. Below, we’ve outlined the three factors that make the biggest difference when it comes to the performance of your hi-fi system.


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Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions About Hi-Fi Audio


Is hi-fi sound worth the hype? Find out here. 

You’ve probably heard the term “hi-fi” or “high-fidelity” being tossed around in conversations about audio systems. And if you don’t fully understand what the term means, you may think it is just a marketing buzzword that electronic sellers use to encourage homeowners to buy a home audio system. 

But hi-fi is not an empty phrase. A hi-fi sound system delivers the highest-quality sound and overall best listening experience in your Morris County, NJ, home. At Electronic Concepts, we field many questions about hi-fi sound, so we have compiled the answers to commonly asked queries here. Keep reading to learn more!  

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