Deliver High-Fidelity Audio Throughout Your Home with a B&W Speaker System


The B&W 700 Series Makes High-Tech Audio Affordable 

Have you been coveting a B&W speaker system in your Bergen County-area home for some time? Audiophiles worldwide considerer Bowers & Wilkens one of the best brands on the market, and legendary studios with a long list of famous recordings agree.  

Skywalker Sound is Lucasfilm's music recording, sound effects, and mixing division. Abbey Road Studios is a world-famous recording studio that has mastered or re-mastered music from The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Aretha Franklin. They’ve also scored music for films such as the Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Harry Potter series, and The Shape of Water. So, what do these two studios have in common? They both use B&W 800 Series speakers.

 For those seeking the best-of-the-best in high-fidelity audio, B&W’s 800 series speakers deliver unrivaled sound. Of course, they come with a significant price tag. There’s a reason they call it the Diamond series. In addition to being a cut-above other brands, they also utilize diamonds, yes, actual diamonds, in the design of their Decoupled Double Dome tweeter. Their engineers did not hold back when creating their top-end, unsurpassed speakers.

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B&W’s 700 Series 

In this post, we’d like to offer you a glimpse into their one-step down 700 Series. In 2017, B&W introduced this line that features nine speakers: their flagship, three-way, and slim, high-performance floorstanders as well as standmount, bookshelf, and compact speakers, two center channel speakers, and a subwoofer.

  These speakers feature B&W’s patented technology first seen in their 800 Series. This includes their world-renowned Continuum cone drivers that provide highly controlled break-up and deliver more detailed and open mid-range. In addition, their distortion-resistant Carbon Dome tweeter offers brilliant clarity in the high-range, and the solid body tweeter-on-top assembly stores the tweeter in an acoustically optimized solid block of aluminum, providing a less resonant structure.

 Then, in 2021, B&W launched their 700 Signature Series loudspeakers—the floor-standing 702 and the standmount 705. These signature products received upgraded crossover designs and bypass capacitors, further improving the resolution and openness, and offering even greater accuracy.

 In addition to upgrading internal components, B&W created a custom-designed, exotic real-wood veneer sustainably sourced from Alpi, an Italian wood company. B&W adds nine finish coats to the ebony-colored veneer, making a brilliant, lustrous appearance.

 The End Result

 This combined technology delivers stunningly lifelike, studio-quality sound that reveals the subtle and detailed nuances in music and soundtracks, offering exceptional realism. You’ll hear each instrument in a manner you may have thought only possible in concert-like settings, and the clarity in vocals can only be defined as astounding.

 The Home Theater Solution

 When you think about your favorite movie, is what comes to mind the images that pop off the screen or the sound that reverberates in your being? Probably, a little bit of both. After all, the images and sound create the emotion that drives a movie. Powerful bass inspires us, creating tension and foreshadowing what’s to come. Whispers bring us closer to the edge of our seats.

 As the director and screenwriter David Lynch stated, "Films are 50 percent visual and 50 percent sound. Sometimes sound even overplays the visual.” 

The 700 series speakers offer an exceptional choice for your home theater or media room, creating sound as the director intended. When combined with two center channel speakers and B&W’s powerful subwoofer, you’ll want to watch your favorite movies all over again after realizing just what you missed the first time. 

Of course, as with most things in life, words alone can't deliver the true picture of the performance these speakers deliver. So, to help our clients choose the hi-fi equipment that impacts them on a personal level, we’ve created a showroom that lets you experience high-end audio and video, home theaters, and home automation firsthand.

 It's the only space like it in North NJ, and we're proud to offer this hands-on encounter with some of the best hi-fi brands in the industry. So come visit us at our showroom or, to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Electronic Concepts today.

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