5 Cool Things You Can Do with a Savant Control System


Program your Savant home to respond to the way you live

Home automation is one of the coolest technological advances our society has made within the past few decades. Isn’t it neat to think that with the right programming, you can control almost every electronic device in your Westchester, NY, house with a smartphone?

Living in an automated home powered by a Savant control system offers you unlimited possibilities for shaping your home to respond intuitively to the way you live. Keep reading to learn five fun things you can do with Savant home automation!


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3 Ways to Customize Savant for a Better Smart Home Experience


Explore how to personalize your Savant control system for your unique home needs

Savant delivers a single-app smart home experience to give you the unparalleled convenience and ease of controlling your entertainment, lighting, shading, climate, and security from a single, user-friendly interface on your smartphone or tablet.

Within the Savant Pro app, you have unlimited options for personalizing your settings and devices to reflect your unique lifestyle, habits, and routines. Keep reading to learn three ways you can personalize your Savant control system to experience smarter living in your Morris County, NJ, home.

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