Why Savant is the Go-To Automation Platform for Luxury Homes

Why Savant is the Go-To Automation Platform for Luxury Homes

Experience the Best Savant Offers from a Savant Platinum Dealer and Ambassador

Many of our clients are luxury homeowners who want to retain their home’s graceful architectural design while integrating the latest smart home technology that makes life easier and more enjoyable. To accomplish this, we partner with Savant, the leading home automation platform for luxury estates. 

Let's explore what makes this brand compatible with these homeowners and the benefits of working with a Platinum Savant Dealer in Short Hills, NJ.

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What a Savant Dealer Can Bring to Your Home

What a Savant Dealer Can Bring to Your Home

Connect Your Smart Technology and Elevate Your Lifestyle with Savant

A home automation platform is a crucial part of any smart home. Automation allows you to 4connect all your smart home devices together so they can communicate with each other, and you can control your entire home from one device. Savant is a unique platform that offers homeowners total control of their homes, as well as the ability to conserve energy, personalize their homes, and enjoy premium entertainment. 

If you want to incorporate Savant into your Bergen County, NJ home, you’ll need to work with a certified Savant dealer like Electronic Concepts. Keep reading to see what Savant could bring to your home.

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5 Cool Things You Can Do with a Savant Control System


Program your Savant home to respond to the way you live

Home automation is one of the coolest technological advances our society has made within the past few decades. Isn’t it neat to think that with the right programming, you can control almost every electronic device in your Westchester, NY, house with a smartphone?

Living in an automated home powered by a Savant control system offers you unlimited possibilities for shaping your home to respond intuitively to the way you live. Keep reading to learn five fun things you can do with Savant home automation!


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Save Energy the Smart Way with Savant Home Automation


Learn about the different ways Savant helps your home become more energy-efficient

What are you currently doing to save energy at home? Between the lights, HVAC system, and connected appliances, your house requires significant power consumption to operate smoothly and maintain a comfortable interior environment. And while flipping off lights when you leave a room and turning the thermostat up in an empty house are good first steps, there’s a lot more you could be doing to conserve energy and lower your utility bills. 

home automation system by Savant can help. Savant contains built-in automation features that allow you to accurately control and monitor the energy usage in your Passaic, NJ, house. Keep reading to learn how!

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Build a High-Quality Home Theater System With Savant’s AV Over IP


Experience stunning audio and video quality in your home theater and throughout your entire house

Savant — already a leader in the home automation industry — is also leading the charge to bring innovative, high-performance entertainment technologies to homes in Bergen County, NJ. Savant’s audio video over internet protocol (AV over IP) systems are a streamlined and cost-effective method for homeowners to distribute high-quality audio and video to home theater systems, media rooms, and even throughout the entire house.

Interested in learning more? Keep reading to learn what AV over IP is and how it’s revolutionizing the way we experience home entertainment.  

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4 Fun Things You Can Do Around the House With Lighting Automation


Use Savant lighting control to make your home life more comfortable and convenient

It’s well-established how convenient smart lighting is in modern-day homes. Smart bulbs, switches, plugs, and dimmers make it easy for homeowners to control their home lighting using only a smartphone or voice assistant. 

But your home lighting is capable of much more when integrated with a powerful home automation system like Savant. Whole-house lighting automation enables unlimited opportunities to program and control individual lighting fixtures, groups of fixtures, and multi-room lighting scenes to match your unique needs at home. Are you ready to explore the possibilities in your Bergen County, NJ home? Then keep reading to open your mind to four amazing things you can do around the house with lighting control. 

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3 Ways Savant Home Automation Will Change Your Life for the Better


Call your local Savant dealer to discuss the perfect smart solutions for your home

Home automation brings so many small conveniences into your life — you can change the temperature in your room with a voice command, pull up Netflix on the TV with the tap of a button, and automate lights to turn on and off at the same time every day.

But take a step back, and you’ll realize that a Savant automation system in your Westchester, NY, home also benefits your finances, wellness, comfort, and time management — some of the things that contribute to an overall better life. As a long-time Savant dealer in the area, we’ve seen the positive impact home automation has had on our clients’ lifestyles and could have on yours! So keep reading to learn three ways Savant automation will change your life for the better.

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Whole Home Automation Spotlight: The Atmavan Project


Explore the amazing work we did for a family residence in Morris County

Atmavan is a Sanskrit word that loosely translates to “true to the soul.” The term is fitting when you gaze upon a stunning family residence nestled in the heart of Harding Township in Morris County, NJ, where Electronic Concepts recently completed a custom integration project.

Our team installed whole home automation, Lutron lighting control, gorgeous Coastal Source landscape lighting, and more to transform the Harding Township home into a sanctuary of sight and sound. Keep reading to learn more about the work we did on the Atmavan project.

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3 Benefits of Living in a Fully Integrated Savant Home


Savant home automation makes your lifestyle more comfortable and convenient

Smart technology has never been more popular than it is right now, and the market is brimming with DIY smart home solutions like smart thermostats, video doorbells, smart lighting, and more. However, before you rush to buy several new devices to outfit your home, take the time to consider what you want your technology to do for you.

Buying, installing, controlling, and managing multiple smart devices for your Bergen County, NJ, home can quickly become overwhelming and frustrating if each device operates in isolation. If you want to build a dedicated smart ecosystem with room to grow and expand in the future, consider investing in a home automation system to facilitate a fully integrated home.

Savant home automation integrates all your smart devices and sub-systems into a central operating system for easy access, control, and home management. Keep reading to learn three benefits of a fully integrated home.

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A Guide to Navigating Your Savant Home Automation System Like a Pro


Learn how to quickly access and customize rooms, scenes, settings, and more

With a Savant home automation system, you can access your entire Bergen County, NJ home in the palm of your hand. The Savant Pro smartphone app contains all the devices, services, scenes, and rooms in your Savant home. Below, we’ve created a short guide to navigating some of the app’s primary features so that you can gain a better understanding of what you can do to create a unique, personalized experience in your smart home. Read on to learn more!

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Explore All the Ways to Control Your Savant Home Automation System


Savant makes home management as easy as pressing a button or issuing a voice command

A good home automation system is designed with its end-users (you and your family) in mind. The purpose of home automation is to simplify the process of accessing, managing, and using your home technology — not replace your existing control devices (like remotes and apps) with an equally complicated device.

Savant designs all its interfaces with you in mind. You can use one or multiple devices to easily find, organize and use everything in your connected home. And with so many options available, everyone in the family can control your Savant home from the device they feel most comfortable using. Keep reading to learn all the ways you can control a Savant home in Westchester, NY.


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What Is Dynamic Lighting?: An Overview of Tunable Lighting Control


Learn how dynamic lighting contributes to the wellness and comfort of your living spaces

Do you know one of the easiest and most effective ways you can transform the look and feel of your Passaic, NJ home? By upgrading to smart, tunable lighting control. It’s time to stop thinking about lighting as a functional tool and start thinking about it as an integral contributor to the comfort, ambiance, and well-being of your home environment.

Tunable lighting control lets you set the lighting in your home to create the perfect ambiance for work, play, socializing, relaxing, and so much more. A control system like Savant makes it easy for you to manage all your lighting needs in one convenient platform on your smartphone or tablet.

Keep reading to learn more about tunable lighting and what it can do for you!


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What Does a Day with Smart Lighting Control Look Like?


Find out how one-touch control brings more comfort and convenience to your daily routines

Changing the lighting in your home should be more than a means to an end. With smart lighting control by Savant, you have endless ways to adjust the lighting in your home to feel more comfortable, set a specific mood, and make your daily life easier. Savant + USAI lighting fixtures use innovative color technology to bring tunable white light, warm dimming, natural dynamic lighting, and infinite color capabilities into your home.

Let home lighting control set the pace of your day from first light to lights out in Morris County, NJ. Keep reading to learn what a day in the life with lighting control looks like.

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4 Things We Love About Savant + USAI Lighting Control


Find next-generation home lighting with light by USAI and control by Savant

If you’ve ever seen smart lighting control in action, then you probably already know how much convenience and comfort it can add to your Westchester, NY lifestyle. Instead of flipping switches all day, press one button to achieve your desired lighting levels in the room. Instead of toggling between glaring brightness and complete darkness, adjust dimmable bulbs to a comfortable level for any activity.

A lighting control system from Savant and USAI can do all this and so much more. Their lighting solutions use innovative and unparalleled color technology to add health, wellness, style, and beauty to your home environment. Keep reading to learn four things we love about home lighting control from Savant and USAI.  


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How Voice Command Helps You Control Your Smart Home


Just Say the Word to Manage Any Feature in Your Living Space

A fully integrated smart home is one that can run and function automatically with zero hassle on your end. You should be able to trust that your smart systems will meet your needs every time you use them. So how can you easily guarantee that your technologies will react and respond to your requests the moment you have them?

That’s where voice control steps in. There are several ways to control your systems – whether it’s through smart remotes, keypads, tablets, or even your own smartphone – but imagine simply being able to use your voice.

Read on below to see how voice command can transform the way you see and experience your Bergen County, NJ smart home.


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Why Working with a Savant Dealer is Ideal


Bring Top-Notch Smart Automation to Your Installation

Your smart home should bring convenience and comfort to your entire lifestyle. And the best way to achieve this level of luxury is by working with a trusted Savant dealer like Electronic Concepts. In fact, we take our smart home services and installations to the next level – as we are a Savant Platinum integrator.

We take your home automation seriously, and make it our goal to deliver quality, dependable smart services for homes in the Short Hills, NJ area and beyond.

So why do we recommend Savant for your home system? How can our expertise help with your installation process? Find out the answers to these questions by reading on below and learn how Savant can transform your whole smart home.


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