Why Working with a Savant Dealer is Ideal


Bring Top-Notch Smart Automation to Your Installation

Your smart home should bring convenience and comfort to your entire lifestyle. And the best way to achieve this level of luxury is by working with a trusted Savant dealer like Electronic Concepts. In fact, we take our smart home services and installations to the next level – as we are a Savant Platinum integrator.

We take your home automation seriously, and make it our goal to deliver quality, dependable smart services for homes in the Short Hills, NJ area and beyond.

So why do we recommend Savant for your home system? How can our expertise help with your installation process? Find out the answers to these questions by reading on below and learn how Savant can transform your whole smart home.


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Why Savant?

You want complete reliability and smart automation you can depend on at all times in your home. Sleek and high-fidelity features from Savant can simplify your daily lifestyle. But what makes Savant stand apart from the rest?

Savant is consistently releasing new OS system updates that mean your automated solutions are always set to deliver a superb performance. You can trust your system will continually be optimized to serve you at its best throughout the day.

With updates that provide better-running features, more intuitive control and a more secure system, Savant is the best brand for your smart home installation. And with a Savant dealer like Electronic Concepts on your team, you can get the most out of your system.


Work with the Experts

As a Savant Platinum dealer, we know Savant’s solutions and features inside and out. Our knowledge of the brand, and brands that best accompany it, can help you determine which technologies are right for your home.

We can recommend certain technologies for different rooms, let you know where specific products would function better, and show you how every aspect of your Savant system works. We’ll keep you and everyone else involved with the installation on the same page, ensuring there is no one left out of the loop.

You can come to us with any questions or concerns you might have, and we can work to create a Savant system setup that is completely customized to fit your needs. Savant offers a scalable system that lets you start out small in one room or across your whole property. You can build upon your solutions by first starting out with smart lighting and climate control – then expanding to a home theater or smart security system. It’s entirely up to you.



Want to learn more about working with Electronic Concepts, your premier Short Hills, NJ Savant dealer? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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