Installing a Home Theater? Get Top-Notch Sound with Lyngdorf Processors


Enhance your home theater experience with high-definition surround sound

Recreating the magic of cinema at home can be a tricky task with so many details to consider. With the right team to help you through the process, we believe it is completely possible to enjoy the excitement a movie theater brings without giving up the comfort only your home can offer. 

A big part of the theater experience is that powerful, all-encompassing sound. And while its easy for many people to understand how important surround sound is to the home theater experience, its hard to know exactly how to optimize it. 

The focus shouldn’t be solely on your high-end speakers. What you need is a powerful engine behind it all. That’s why we recommend Lyngdorf processors for our home theater installations. Keep reading to learn what these devices can offer and which one fits best for your Westchester, NY home.

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