The 4 Best Hi-Res Audio Streaming Services in 2021


We’ll help you choose between the different platforms for lossless music streaming

The music source plays a significant role in overall sound quality when you’re enjoying music on a high-end audio system. Simply put, the better the source material, the better the listening experience. 

In the audio industry, CD quality is the pinnacle of sound reproduction. While streaming services are incredibly popular today, the convenience of listening to thousands of songs on your mobile phone no matter where you are comes at a price — audio files must be compressed to stream easily without lagging and buffering. 

But a new type of streaming is on the rise: high-res audio. High-resolution audio (or lossless audio) uses specific file formatting to shrink large files into manageable sizes without sacrificing the data that gives songs richer, fuller, more dynamic sound. High-res audio promises listeners better-than-CD quality for their favorite songs and albums.

Several streaming services are available if you’re interested in listening to high-res audio at home in Passaic, NJ. Keep reading for a comparison of the most popular four services on the market. 

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