Whole Home Automation Spotlight: The Atmavan Project


Explore the amazing work we did for a family residence in Morris County

Atmavan is a Sanskrit word that loosely translates to “true to the soul.” The term is fitting when you gaze upon a stunning family residence nestled in the heart of Harding Township in Morris County, NJ, where Electronic Concepts recently completed a custom integration project.

Our team installed whole home automation, Lutron lighting control, gorgeous Coastal Source landscape lighting, and more to transform the Harding Township home into a sanctuary of sight and sound. Keep reading to learn more about the work we did on the Atmavan project.

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Project Scope and Brand Partners

When our team was first brought onto the project, it was to install a lighting control system in the house. But once our president Paul Bochner sat down to talk in-depth with the client, he realized the homeowners had so much more in mind. In the end, this was the full scope of the project:

  • Whole home automation — Savant
  • Audio video distribution — Savant, Bowers & Wilkins
  • CCTV surveillance — IC Realtime
  • Lighting control — Lutron
  • Shading — Lutron
  • Home theater — Barco, Display Technologies, NAD Electronics, Bowers & Wilkins, Kaleidescape, Cineak Seating
  • Dedicated listening room — Devialet speakers
  • Landscape lighting — Coastal Source

Keep reading to learn more about our favorite parts of the Atmavan project.


Indoor Lighting Control With Lutron

Our team’s first challenge was the most difficult: integrating a lighting control system into a house with insufficient wiring. Unfortunately, Electronic Concepts wasn’t brought onto the project until after the walls and wiring were sealed up — putting us at an immediate disadvantage. But the initial challenges only made the final product more impressive because our team got creative to deliver the client’s dream house despite our setbacks.


Our client had already purchased thousands of dollars’ worth of luxury lighting fixtures by the time we arrived, but the house wasn’t wired properly to support them. With the help of Lutron, our team installed 0-10V local dimming devices across the 18,000 square foot property for whole home lighting control. As a result, our client was able to use the gorgeous lighting fixtures they wanted while having smooth and effortless dimming control throughout the property.


Gorgeous Landscape Lighting With Coastal Source

Once we tackled indoor lighting control, we thought, why not handle outdoor lighting as well? This part of the project was a pleasure to complete because our client’s house is made for showing off. Plus, we got the chance to work closely with one of our favorite brand partners — Coastal Source. Coastal Source fixtures are truly a best-in-class product, and with assistance from their design team, we laid down a landscape lighting plan that lit up every plant, tree, and bush on the property after night.


A Stunning Home Theater

Designing and building the home theater was one of our favorite parts. We paired a Barco projector with a Display Technologies 218-inch screen with top and bottom masking to accommodate multiple aspect ratios for big-screen brilliance. A Kaleidescape movie player was brought in for curated 4K movies and content. We built an immersive soundscape with a 10.4.2 Dolby Atmos system using an NAD theater receiver and Bowers & Wilkins speakers. Lutron lighting, Cineak seating, and Savant room control rounded out the theater.


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